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Wednesday, 11 December 2019, By Miguel Ruiz

When dieting people generally put a lot of emphasis on getting out every day and exercising aggressively to burn as many calories as possible whist reducing their food intake because society tells us that we should "move more, eat less" but, what if you could "eat more, burn more". In this article we are going to dive a little deeper to find out what you can do to increase your body's natural ability to burn calories without having to a crazy amount of cardio minutes or restrict your food.

First, we need to understand Calories in VS Calories out. Calories are literally energy extracted from the food we consume, you can't see them under a microscope, they aren't a molecule that has a structure and they don't have a chemical name.
Our body needs to consume a certain number of calories per day to maintain our daily functions. So, if we can identify how many calories we need to consume to keep our bodies at maintenance level, being an amount of calories where you are not losing weight nor gaining. We can then create a slight calorie deficit. Therefore, our body is not storing excess energy at the end of the day and it can tap into fat stores so that energy can be burnt instead.  

 Our total daily energy expenditure otherwise known as Calories out consists of 4 factors
1) Basal metabolic Rate (BMR) call it your existence calories equates to about 60 to 70% of TDEE.
2) Non exercise adaptive thermogenesis and non-exercise physical activity (NEAT) is little movements throughout the day like typing, talking, fidgeting etc.
3) Exercise activity (EA)
4) Thermic effect of food (TEF) meaning that it cost you energy to extract energy from food

Now that we know where calories come from and what burns them off, then how does the "eat more, burn more" strategy work.

It is known that people have a tendency to want quick results and resort to extreme dieting as an option but what tends to happen is just as quick as the weight comes off the weight goes back on. There is also the group of people who have been dieting on and off for an extensive period of time this is called yoyo dieting.

Every time we crash diet or yoyo diet, we restrict our calories so much that we tend to lose some muscle mass in the process and by doing so we also lower our metabolic rate and create a new much less efficient BMR. Which means our ability to burn fat is lower, the amount of food we consume is lower and we have either plateau or the weight has come back on.
There is a solution to this, it's simple, eat more of the right foods to increase your daily calories so that your BMR has a chance to increase its rate again along with increasing your resistance training. This process is called reverse dieting where we gradually build you back up in calories causing you to burn calories more efficiently again.

If you have hit a plateau or potentially you feel like you're under eating then use the tools provided to you as your macros are tailored to your goal which include your exercise minutes, daily activity levels, body type and lean muscle mass. Remember to be kind to yourself  give your body time to adjust we commonly use the example of a race car, if you put poor quality fuel or oil in a race car you can't expect it to perform, it may even damage component of the engine that will need time to be repaired before using a premium fuel again. The reason I say this is because sometimes we set unrealistic expectations of our body's ability to burn fat. Give your system a chance to adapt before throwing in the towel don't fall into the trap of thinking "I used to do this in the past and it worked" your body is incredible at adapting so give it the respect and time it needs to readjust. Think long term sustainability not short-term quick fix.



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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