Emelie Jeitani

Lost 10kg so far!*



I'm a mother of 4 children and a house wife. Started training with Vision Parramatta since March of 2019 for the last 8 years my weight crept up to 85kg and I was not able to lose weight after my last pregnancy.

The first time I met my trainer was at a social event, I admired her body shape also wished that I could achieve a similar body my self.

When I had spoken with her she made me feel highly motivated about changing my life, at that moment I decided to start my weight loss journey with Vision Parramatta .

Being here made me believe that I can reach my goal of having a healthy life and get back to the weight I used to have before having my children. My family and myself are very proud of my achievements so far after losing more than 10kg I feel healthier, happier and more confident.
A huge thank you to the Vision team in Parramatta specially my trainer for all their support and motivation, very knowledgeable and experienced team, they have provided me all the information and support I needed.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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