Joy Walden

Weight dropped and fitness has increased! Significantly!*



Two years ago, I was struggling with my running, weight and motivation. My running was getting worse not better. I approached a number of gyms regarding Personal Training but felt they were not listening to what I wanted.


A friend had joined Vision Personal Training many years earlier and her results were just amazing. I spoke to Luis, the owner of Vision Parramatta and explained how I was feeling, what I wanted to achieve and my expectations of a Personal Trainer. He was wonderful, we discussed everything and he introduced me to Samina, my new Trainer.


From day one, every time I walked through that door I was greeted by name and everyone was very positive. It's the best way to start the day, surrounded by people who are positive and smiling, I love it. We got to work and the weight started dropping and the fitness started rising. I have two sessions a week and do a few group classes as well. I have had some amazing success with my running and I am thrilled that people in my running circle have noted that I look fit and strong and my times have improved. I am at weight not seen by me for about 5 years.


Vision Personal Training and Samina have really helped me get back on track to being the ultra-runner that I want to be. I love my Vision family and have met some wonderful people there. You are never alone and I love how we all get together to encourage each other's goals no matter how big or small.


All I can say to anyone embarking on the weight loss or get fit journey, get yourself into Vision and you will never look back!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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