Marian Dimaculangan

Lost 14kg and 13.3% of body fat*



Like most, I have struggled to lose weight. I have tried different fad diets including slimming coffee, tea, pills, exercise apps and a handful of popular diets but I never really succeeded. I would lose 2-5 kg at the most and find myself putting it back on (and more) faster than it took me to lose it. 

I was frustrated and eventually just gave up trying. Becoming a single mum has also made losing weight close to impossible for me. My eating habits turned from bad to worse and taking care of myself became the last thing I would worry about, however, I needed to jumpstart my life. 

I found Vision Parramatta randomly while looking for a gym near where I live and although joining the gym was initially just a healthy diversion (both physically and mentally) for me, it eventually helped me change my lifestyle completely. Their program was unique, holistic and client driven.

Not only was nutrition highly emphasised in their program but we were also given tools which enabled us to effectively use the knowledge they have taught us to maximise results. The Personal Trainers in Parramatta were also very passionate and supportive of everyone. You feel more than just another client, instead, a part of a family. More than a Trainer, they become your life coach and friend. Also, the community they have in there - as I'd like to call it, include very warm, supportive and caring people. Collectively, these became the key to successfully losing 14 kg and 13.3% fat in the 3 months that I have been with Vision.

But, like everyone else, my success story is not without its ups and downs. I had good and bad days/weeks. Lack of time, motivation and energy; including, fluctuating emotional and mental well-being were my biggest barriers. However, patience, persistence and commitment eventually got me to my goal. Losing kilos shouldn't be a measurement of your success, but rather, what you feel about yourself. 

More than the kilos and inches I have lost, Vision Parramatta has helped me get back on track with my life more than they probably would ever know. I have slowly regained my self-confidence and have rediscovered my self-worth.


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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