Maua Aluni

Lost 15kg in total!*



My journey at Vision started in August 2016 at Vision Parramatta and I have never looked back since! The best decision I have ever made! Before entering Vision, I was the heaviest I have ever been due to impulsive eating habits, a diet that mainly consisted of fast food and absolutely hating water. I didn't know how to cook or was bothered to indulge in homemade meals, which encouraged my unhealthy eating habits. Impulsive spending on food that was only satisfying my hunger for a short period of time. I was always running low on energy, always sleeping in when I wasn't at Uni or work. I never knew about macronutrients, healthy eating habits and the effects of everything I digest.

Wanting to join a gym, I wanted to choose one that would actually work and be worth my money. I heard so many positive stories about Vision, so I reached out to a friend that was on her Vision journey to ask her about the program since her results were amazing. Although I was advised Vision was not the cheapest option especially for myself as a Uni student, I was willing to invest and give it a try since the results spoke for themselves. I was after a gym where I would be told the use of various machines, exercises and how it would help on my weight loss journey on a long-term basis, as I had no idea.

Since joining Vision I have lost over 12kg in my first 9-week program and have never felt better about taking the leap of faith in joining. My Trainer has helped my pushed limits that I never knew could be reached in constantly keeping me on track and always informing me about nutrition, exercise and setting a lifestyle. Vision has provided me with everything I was seeking, setting out my macros in my food diary, weekly exercise duration I need to complete and knowledge about healthy living.

The unique distinguishing features of Vision from all the other gyms I have heard of is that they focus on a long term lifestyle change in all aspects of nutrition, exercise and habits. My biggest achievement today is that drinking water is essential in my life coming from never drinking water in a day! Each individual has a program personally tailored for the particular journey they want to engage in whether it be weight loss or muscle gain. Back in August, I never thought I would be where I am now on my journey! Only onwards and upwards from here, thanks to the Vision team!

Since August, I have lost a total of 15kg and can't wait to achieve my ultimate goal!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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