Sandy Picman

Lost 20kg*



Feb 2013, I made a decision to change the way I looked. I was encouraged to try Vision Personal Training, recommended by a close friend who had huge success with Vision at Baulkham Hills.

I found one close to where I worked in Parramatta. Feeling very nervous and intimidated I make the call for help, spoke to the owner who encouraged me to come in for a chat, I signed on the dotted line then my journey began.  I set a weight goal of 25kgs. Seeing how unfit and overweight I was this was going to be some seriously hard work, they gave me a goal every week to achieve, through correct eating (sticking to my macros) and exercising every day, I smashed those goals and lost the first 10 kg's, WOW what a feeling that was, especially when friends and family started to notice, it gave me more incentive to keep going. The next 5kgs came off and I really started to notice a huge difference in my persona and my appearance, one thing that stood out for me was that my face had changed, double chin gone! I could finally go into a regular clothing store and choose the clothing off the rack that was a decent size. No more size 18-20! My body shape really started to change (through the weights programme), when I had my goal sessions I was excited to find how many centimetres I had lost in that 9 weeks, and it continued for the over the next 3 and a half years. Another 5kgs gone! A grand total of 20kgs, but that didn't last long 5 kgs came back, I didn't fill out my food diary, I ate and drank what I wanted and lost momentum.  Then along came the new owner of Vision Parramatta Luis, BAM!  I was back! Luis set new goals and for the first time, I have ever, I had a Trainer run beside me in running events, wow!  Run club was good for me, although I don't love the idea of running, but do enjoy the feeling of crossing that finish line and have a participation medal put around my neck with the distance completed and knowing that my times got better every time I ran that event. I am really grateful to have Luis my Trainer running beside me, encouraging me when we ran the 11kms Sutherland 2 Surf when I so wanted to stop, this run had been a highlight for me this year. The distance in my runs are getting further and I have set myself new goals.

I must say that I am proud of myself, I've trained hard to get where I am today, there were days where I wanted to give up and walk away from it all, but my Trainers (previous and current) picked me up and pushed me along. I've had injuries along the way which have frustrated me to no end, I put it down to having great Trainers that care and who looked after me and made changes to my program that suited me and my injuries and kept me focused on my goals I was able to get around it. I have met some incredible and inspiring friends along the way who will be in my life forever, I call them my Vision Family as they understand and are or have been on the Vision Journey too. Thank you to all the past and present Trainers for the support, the impact on my healthy lifestyle changes will never be gotten I couldn't be where I am today without you all. My journey has not ended yet!


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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