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Wednesday, 3 June 2015, By Deni Curtis

Tired of going around in circles - lose weight, gain weight, lose some more weight, gain some more weight.... People worldwide are continually caught up in the trap of Yoyo dieting. Some achieve amazing short-term results but all too often these are accompanied with long term repercussions.

Recent figures have shown that the average Australian woman will attempt to lose weight 49 times throughout her life; from my experience with clients - I believe the figure for men to be similar… although many wouldn't admit it.

The Fitness Industry has been bombarded with 12 week programs, 30 day challenges and similar that focus on losing the largest possible amount of weight in the shortest period of time. Now… not to take anything away from those outstanding individuals who have achieved amazing results; but let us instead focus on realistic long-term weight loss and improved health results for the average person.

So what is realistic? 

In my experience the best client results have been from individuals who combine healthy nutritional habits with a lifestyle that suits their wants and needs. For example: if you are someone who enjoys having a few glasses of wine on the weekend; rather than focusing on cutting out all alcohol for the next 30 days to drop that next 5kgs instead focus on reducing your alcohol consumption by 1 drink per week for the rest of your life. I can guarantee this will set you up for a much better and happier result long term.

So what is a healthy result?

I truly believe that if someone can consistently lose .5 - 1% of their body's total weight per week throughout their weight loss Journey they should be incredibly happy with that result. For example: a 75kg person should aim for 375g - 750g weight loss per week. Over a 6 month period that would total a weight loss between 10 - 15kg; I am sure anyone who is trying to lose weight would be happy and proud with that result! I would also bet my last dollar that individuals who follow this method would have far greater success maintaining results over long-term in comparison with individuals who tried the 30 day quick fix.

Let us take a new look at our habits and focus on enjoying life in conjunction with being healthy and achieving outstanding results at the same time. Life isn't about having one thing or another; it's about enjoying as much as you can in a healthy balance.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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