The 4 People you need in your circle of Influence*

Wednesday, 22 July 2015, By Deni Curtis

I have noticed that people are often able to identify the people within their lives who may not always have their best interests at heart. These are the people who make your decision to live a healthier and happier life challenging by making you question yourself and your choices. Often their actions and attitudes are not in alignment with your goals - and so, they are not people you should be around throughout your transformation.

However, no man (or woman ) is an island! When we feel supported in our health and fitness goals - we are much more likely to succeed. It can be extremely powerful to develop a strong network of people you around you who care about you and your goals - and that will keep you motivated and accountable throughout your journey.

You may already have some of these people in your life, waiting for the opportunity to step up into their role. Others, you may need to seek - but you need to know who you are looking for, so you can recognise their worth when you do find them!

These are the 4 types of people I have personally found to be invaluable in including within a circle of influence when someone is committing themselves to a weight loss program. These people will be a huge part of your journey and a key factor to your success - but who are they ? 

1. The expert

You should seek and find an expert personal trainer who will be able to support your journey with their knowledge and commitment to supporting you in achieving your health and fitness goals - whatever they may be. Time spent with the expert will be time dedicated to you. The expert will know every detail about your current goals and future goals and will work with you to bring these things to life. In this relationship, even though you will develop a strong bond with your trainer - the focus should be on you, and you alone. This is the person you turn to for education, motivation and inspiration, as they have the knowledge to give you helpful, insightful answers to your many questions. The expert never judges you, they track your weekly progress to help you stay on track and continue to get the results you are working for. They will be able to be stern when you need to be pushed, and will help you remain accountable throughout your journey.

2. The Training Buddy

This is the person who currently has a lot in common with you - they are on the same health and fitness journey and can relate to your new active lifestyle and the challenges you may be experiencing. They are the person that you see regularly when you are exercising - maybe you have personal training sessions at the same time, do the same group cardio session together or organise to meet during the week to go for walks together. You can talk freely with them about anything health and fitness related, because it is something they really enjoy talking about too! This person will also keep you accountable - because you would never miss a session as you feel like it would let them down.

3. The Role Model

Just as you seek an expert, you should also seek a role model to inspire you. A role model may be someone that has successfully transformed their health and fitness - and their progress and success gives you a sense of hope. If this person can do it, you know you too are capable of making positive changes in your life too! If you have the opportunity to, you should speak to your role model and share with them that they have inspired you. Not only could this be a huge compliment that they will be humbled to receive, but they may share valuable insights that are invaluable to you.

4. The Cheerleader

This is the person who gives you endless support and positive energy throughout your journey. They look for ways to help you stay on track, and make you feel really good about your decision to make healthier, happier choices. They recognise every effort you make, and affirm you when you need it. They don't offer you food and alcohol they know you should not have at this point in your journey - instead they go out of their way to ensure these temptations are out of your reach. This person will love you regardless of whether you make progress or not, but their excitement when you do make progress is incredible motivation for you to keep on keeping on. This person ensures you never forget to have fun every step of the way, they were there before you made these positive changes and really appreciate just how far you have come.

If you are already a Vision Personal Training Client, log onto your Vision Virtual Training account and take the 'Ready Set Go' questionnaires as a tool to help determine your readiness to change and let go of the past and embrace the future. These questionnaires are simply designed to help you identify any barriers that could prevent you achieving your goal as well as determine how ready you are to commit to it.

The 'Circle of Influence' Questionnaire is very useful in clarifying how strong your current circle of influence is and how this may impact your goals.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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