The power of progress pictures - why you should snap a selfie for Weight Loss!*

Monday, 6 July 2015, By Deni Curtis

The rise of the "selfie" on social media has steadily gained momentum, and it doesn't show any indication of slowing down! We are encouraging you to go with the flow - and join in!

Now, before you turn your nose up at the idea of taking a 'selfie' , it should be noted that these photos can actually be an invaluable tool during your health and fitness journey.

When you begin your own health and fitness journey, your trainer will be committed to inspiring you to achieve your own personal bests. You will set strong, clear goals to motivate you and be supported by a strong circle of influence found within the Ponsonby studio. It cannot be denied that we have seen the way in which progress photos can also work as a source of inspiration for our clients - and so we highly encourage that you embrace the selfie!

Your trainer will take a photo for you at the beginning of your 9 week program and then again at the end. These photos will be the bookends of your program and wil be a great way for you to reflect on your results! We also suggest that you take a minute each week to take a quick picture of yourself too - to capture the progres you are making!

Weekly weigh ins on the scales are an important tool and help keep you accountable throughout the week - however when the weight on the scales does not move, or it fluctuates ( and it more than likely will at some point!) progress pictures can be a good point of reference to keep everything in perspective. Progress pictures often quickly reassure clients that yes, they are on the right track and their body is in fact changing - even when the scales are not being kind on a particular day.

The scales cannot and should not be your only measurement of progress. It is important to note that muscle is approximately 18% more dense than fat is. When you begin a structured weight training program, you will go through what is sometimes referred to as "beginner gains" and quickly add muscle. So as a results, your weight may fluctuate, but your waist, hips, and other measurements may be decreasing. Vision Personal Trainers take girth measurements every 9 weeks, and the results are often astounding! This is why it is important to not only rely on the scales to reveal your progress throughout your journey - weekly pictures can clearly capture the physical transformation that is underway!

Your progress pictures do not have to be shared with anyone. They can be kept between you and your trainer. As we see ourselves daily, it is sometimes difficult to notice the physical transformation that is unfolding. Dont look for imperfections in your pictures, look for the changes that reflect your commitment to your health and fitness!

Here are some top tips for taking useful progress pictures:

  1. Wear as little clothing as possible. Ideally you want to be in underwear or a swimsuit so that you can actually see your body and it is not hidden underneath your clothing.
  2. Take the photo at the same time of day every week. Your body can look completely different when you are at your lightest as compared to the end of the day. A good idea is to take the photo at the same time as your weekly weigh in with your trainer - make it part of your routine so that you don't forget to do it.
  3. Take the photo in the same place each week standing in the same pose. Different lighting can make your body look completely different, so it is important to take progress photos in the same conditions from week to week. Try and stand in the same position in the same stance each week to make weekly comparisons easy.
  4. Take photos from the front, side and back - you will want to see your progress from all angles!
  5. Use your Vision APP to take and store the photos. There is a progress photo feature on the Vision Virtual Training App. This is a great place to store and quickly access and compare your photos.
*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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