Terry Shapcott

Lost 15kg, dropped 13.6% body fat, lost 35cm*



"One day my kids asked me to get on the floor and play. I found it a little hard but the challenge was getting up again. While walking to work I was thinking about what I could do to change my current status. After several weeks of thinking about it I finally went into Vision and was greeted by Dean. A little overwhelming at first but he quickly made me feel right at home. After 2 sessions, I knew right then that this is what I needed. Vision then took me through a whole new level of understanding with food, exercise and rest. Following the program and guidance of my trainer I made great progress and achieved my goals and set new ones. I have since done things I could have only ever dreamed of, such as rock climbing, sky diving, flying a plane and running in 10km runs. The great part of Vision is not just your trainer but all the trainers. All the trainers are interested and care about your progress. They are always happy to help, it feels like a family. Thank you Vision I couldn't have done it without you".

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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Nicola Tugnet



Dan Ward


13kg -before13kg -after

Rex Demanser

13kg *

Lost 12kg -beforeLost 12kg -after

Gerard Murphy

Lost 12kg *

10kg plus -before10kg plus -after

Richard Milsom

10kg plus *


Jainesh Vagh



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22kg -before22kg -after

Jannette W.

22kg *


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6kg lost-before6kg lost-after

Alfie Harwanto

6kg lost*

10kgs in 9 Weeks-before10kgs in 9 Weeks-after

Dan Matthews

10kgs in 9 Weeks*

33kg Weight Loss-before33kg Weight Loss-after

Bernadette Boyd

33kg Weight Loss*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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