The Key Musts To Weight Loss*

Thursday, 1 December 2016, By Jesse Spinks

The 8 Key Musts To Weight Loss:

Eat Breakfast- People who eat breakfast regularly loose more weight, since it jump-starts your metabolism, helping your body to burn more fat. Start your day with healthy nutritious breakfast.

Keep it clean- One of the fastest ways to see and feel results is to cut out processed foods and fill up on fresh foods. Whenever possible, try and go for whole, natural foods. Once you clean up your diet and cut out the junk, you'll start feeling and seeing enormous changes. After a few weeks, you'll wonder how you ever ate any other way.

Portion Control- Even when you choose healthy foods, overeating these good choices still can sabotage your weight-loss goals, and you might not even realise you're overdoing it. 

Set Goals- As you move along on your weight-loss journey, there is so much more to revel in beyond a tiny number on the scale. Setting specific and personal mini goals, such as weekly goal like training for a race, slipping into the old pair of jeans, or grabbing heavier weights will help you stay connected and realise just how much progress you're making every day. These may seem like small wins, but they're absolutely worth celebrating.

Drink more water- You'd be surprised just how many people confuse hunger with dehydration. Keeping your water bottle full all day long keeps your body in tip-top shape and helps you steer clear of unnecessary snacking. Cold water provides a brief shock to your metabolism, raising it by about 30 percent so that over the course of a day, your body will burn about 100 more calories."

Plan Ahead- Plan your meals for the week, having all your meals and daily plans already set ahead of time will set you up for success.

Strength training- Strength training builds muscle mass while boosting your metabolism. You might not tip the scale, but strength training is where the real re sculpting "toning" of your body happens.

Rest- Getting adequate sleep every night makes sure you have the energy to power through your workout, but it's also been proven to help. curb a massive appetite, since those who get sufficient amount of sleep eat an average of 300 calories less than those who don't get enough.



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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