Jesse Spinks Top Tips for phenomenal results in a 9 week Challenge.

Female 9 Week Challenge Winner Feb 2019, Paris Rodgers!*



Massive congratulations to Paris Rodgers who has lost 5.5kgs of Fat Mass while maintaining her lean Muscle Mass in her 9-week Challenge. Paris reduced her girth measurements by 26cms. During her 9-week challenge, Paris also had a 2 week holiday.

Paris has worked closely with Master Trainer, Jesse Spinks, who shares her top tips on what it takes to achieve phenomenal results.
1 - Minimum 2-3 weight sessions a week.
Resistance training is crucial for toning and shaping the body. Other benefits include increasing your resting metabolic rate.

2 - Make a realistic plan, ensuring you have the correct cardio to weights ratio for your Body Type.
Are you an Ectomorph, Mesomorph or an Endomorph? Determining which body type you are is one of the fastest ways to obtain results. This determines how much cardio and weights training each individual needs, including the right intensity.

3 - Do as much of your cardio requirement in the morning. 
The optimal time to burn body fat, is on an empty stomach just before you break-the-fast "breakfast". By doing this you'll start to break down fat cells faster. 

4 - Plan your meals for the week in advance.
Your results are largely dictated by your nutrition input. The fastest way to ensure you're on track is plan your week in advance, most of our members find it best to prepare on a Sunday and mid-week. Head to the markets on a Sunday and grab most of your groceries you need. That way you'll ensure you don't go off track by grabbing the "wrong foods"

5 - Stick to the basics with your nutrition.
Understanding your personal daily intake requirement is important to ensure you succeed, which best choices below
Carbohydrates - Sweet potato, brown rice, oats, rice cake to name a few.
Veggies - Ensure you're eating plenty of greens (Beans, Broccoli, Sprouts). Micronutrients for inner health.
Protein - Clean meats, chicken breast, Fish, Tuna, Kangaroo, Prawns to name a few.
Good Fats - Avocado, Nuts, coconut oil, chia seeds.

6 - NO Alcohol
Alcohol is a toxin, our liver has to work extra hard to remove it from our system and blocks our ability to burn fat.

7 - Reduce eating out and no ubereats.
Unfortunately we don't know what's in our food, unless we cook it ourselves. If you must eat out choose from best choice proteins with veggies and/or salad. Be mindful of sauces and dressings 

Again, massive congratulations to Paris on her success. If you're after more nutrition information book into our shopping tour and nutrition seminar via your Vision App with Jesse Spinks. Keep your eye out for Paris Rodgers success story with her top tips coming soon.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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Female 9 Week Challenge Winner Feb 2019, Paris Rodgers!-beforeFemale 9 Week Challenge Winner Feb 2019, Paris Rodgers!-after

Jesse Spinks Top Tips for phenomenal results in a 9 week Challenge.

Female 9 Week Challenge Winner Feb 2019, Paris Rodgers!*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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