Jesse Spinks

2016 National MVP Personal Trainer*




If you asked Jesse to describe her year and what she achieved, her response would be "pretty good, help clients achieve some goals and did a few events". Which is a far cry from the truth.

Arriving at Vision Personal Training Prahran January 2015, extremely quiet, reserved and at times difficult to have a conversation with. We asked Jesse to come along to a few classes and we'll see how you go. As she did quietly without making a fuss, came to every Vision Group Training session and trained the house down. However, still extremely quiet, the PT Summit was coming up so we invited her along as Rowena McEvoy (Co-Founder Max International College) was a guest speaker. Could Rowena, one of the most loveable vibrant female personalities inspire a young lady to become the next superstar in the Health and Fitness industry?

Fast forward 2 years down the track and listen to her achievements in 2016. Completes three Sri Chinmoy Runs including a 21km where she ran the entire way with another trainers client (2015 international female WLC winner Jackie Douthie), ran the 16km Run for Kids then runs back to find her clients and run 3 of them over the finish line, completes the 21km Run Melbourne, last minute entry into the Mornington 21km to run with her client (Erin Heaps), super Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, Eureka Tower Stair climb, regular to the 1000 step in the Dandenongs with Clients, takes a Sunday morning walk club for all members of the studio and organised a Health retreat. Milestones of clients losing 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg even over a client losing over 50kgs of weight loss. Competes in her very 1st ANB Fitness Competition, along with Training 2 clients, one with a 2nd and 3rd place for her divisions and another placing 1st for her division. Then remarkably 2 weeks after her competition being calorie deficient and water deprived, carb and water loads to complete the 2016 Full Melbourne Marathon being her very 1st full marathon.

Her ongoing learning is a credit to herself, completing the Max and Impact Communication training along with pregnancy and menopause course. Her extra work inside the studio is always appreciated, writing studio articles, uploading all client success stories, birthday cards, Facebook post and has taken every shopping tour in 2016.

The quite young lady had become no more! Taking Team education where she would research and present to the team. Presented a Corporate Health Seminar at First National Real Estate head office, taking Vision Group Training where her voice would be heard the other end of chapel street and being invited to Vision Brighton to share her story on training a finalist in the Weight Loss Challenge with studio Owner David Wescon saying; 

"I was pleasantly surprised to see how dedicated Jesse is to her clients. She not only explained herself well but the whole Brighton Team was inspired by the lengths she went to, to ensure her client achieved a great result. Our Team wishes Jesse all the best with her endeavours to become the National Vision Personal Trainer of the Year 2016"

But here's where you realise you have someone special! At the end of 2015 Jesse was asked "Where do you see yourself getting to on the Career Path" her response "Master Trainer", "why do you want to be a master trainer?" "I want to be recognised as the best Personal Trainer I can possibly be"

After discussion, it was decided that for 2016 Jesse would be Trained by the only Master Trainer in Melbourne and previous winner of the Victorian PT of the Year, Daniel Tramontana. Jesse ventured to Vision Brighton 2x per week for 2016, regularly completes her online Vision Virtual Trainer and learnt what it takes to become a Master Trainer at Vision. Working closely with Daniel, her knowledge of nutrition and exercise skyrocketed. In return Jesse was able to perform her own PT sessions at a higher, more professional level. 

It's extremely humbling to find a young lady who values their own health and fitness so high to ensure they are the best role model they can be for their clients. Jesse is an extremely humble, selfless, caring person who always goes above and beyond for those around her. From the quite shy young person at our Group Interview, to a vibrant, dedicated, passionate Personal Trainer. She inspires each and everyone one of us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Vision Prahran is extremely thankful for all the hard work Jesse does for Team Prahran.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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Female 9 Week Challenge Winner Feb 2019, Paris Rodgers!*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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