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Stephanie O'Brien

When we think of weight loss we focus so heavily on exercise and trying to cram as much exercise in as possible to shed those extra kilos. What we really need to focus on is the core of the problem, what we are eating. You cannot out train a bad diet, I like anyone love food however lets reward ourselves with the food that can assist us to achieve our goals. This is what I love helping people to do. Look forward to seeing you in the studio soon, Stephanie.

Wes Doyle

Wes has been on the Vision journey since 2007, firstly as a client, and now into ownership. Wes’s previous career in the NRL created a stepping stone and foundation in physical fitness. Although it wasn’t until finishing his footballing career and joining the corporate lifestyle, that Wes was seeking out an efficient way to train (along with multiple injuries) and to maintain his body weight while undertaking a heavy corporate workload. Here enters Vision Personal Training Randwick into his life. ‘It’s been the greatest gift to both my physical and mental health. It’s easy to let work rule your life when you are trying to get ahead. What I’ve learned, is to perform at your best both on and off the field, you have to maintain physical fitness. If your body is a Ferrari, why would you put sand in it? Eating is 70% of results and exercises is 30%, in that order. I invite you, welcome you, and also challenge you to join us at Vision Randwick, where you will find your best.'

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