Adam Milbank

My Dad died from a heart attack at 53*




My Dad died from a heart attack at 53, and although I never smoked like he did, I was overweight, unfit, on cholesterol and blood pressure medication and heading towards 50. I started at Vision Personal Training, Randwick because I needed to become a good role model for my young son and I want to be around for him as long as possible.

There are many reasons why I am still at Vision, but the main reason is that I am still being challenged and seeing results. I lost the weight pretty quickly, and it would have been easy to say I'll just do it on my own. But the thing is I enjoy my resistance training, my cardio workouts are varied, and I'm still learning new things about nutrition all while having a great time. It's a fun, supportive environment and I honestly look forward to being in the studio and working hard. The trainers at Vision Randwick are an excellent crew, and I believe they are genuinely interested in your progress whether you are a new starter or have been around for a while.

If someone had said to me this time next year, you would have run your first marathon I would have laughed. I now have many racing events under my belt including an Ultramarathon.

I've met some very inspiring people at Vision. They all have had their reasons and challenges for being here but they have helped inspire me on my journey, and as you get fitter and stronger you hope that you too are inspiring others.

My health has improved dramatically, and I am no longer on any medication.

Perhaps the biggest bonus I have got is that I love feeling this great and it's made an enormous difference to me as a person, and I am sure my wife Fiona would agree. She even says I have lost my bad temper!


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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