The Personal Trainer & The Importance of Self-Care*

Wednesday, 2 December 2015, By Amanda Doyle

Ever felt heavy or upset after working with a particular client? Some people come into the studio and give their problems to you, they free themselves from the worry and responsibility (for a little while) but now YOU carry the burden.

You need to protect yourself if you want to have a long-term career in the fitness industry. If you don't have the skills for self-care, what happens? You burn out. You begin to hate your job. You want to leave the industry.

Now self-care doesn't mean you become like "no sorry Sally I just don't want to hear about your problems right now" but it means being smart about what you take on and understanding just how much you can help.

Taking care of your emotional, spiritual and physical state will help you get better results for your clients and lead to improved success in an industry where burn out is common.

When was the last time you

  • stretched?
  • got a good nights sleep?
  • had a massage?
  • took a holiday?
  • drank enough water?
  • Meditated?
  • Practiced mindfulness?
  • Checked your posture when picking up weights?
  • Took care of your voice?
  • Trained at the right volume?
  • Ate a healthy meal
  • Had a healthy week?
  • Abstained from alcohol?

Doing a few of these things help you manage your energy and stress levels and enables you to cope with the demands of a very demanding job.

There is a reason why on an airplane you're instructed to fit your oxgen mask first in an emergency. It's because if you don't you could end up useless and unable to help others. The same goes to working in an industry where giving to others is our service.

Amanda Doyle has been an experienced personal trainer for many years. As co-owner of Vision Personal Training Randwick, based in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, Amanda understands the unique issues that personal trainers encounter when dealing with clients and the problems they share.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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