Fiona Milbank

My life is much more positive now*



For almost a decade I was overweight, tired and disappointed with myself. In my younger years I had been a consistent exerciser, but once I had family, taking care of my health took a backseat.

I thought the days of feeling fit and healthy were lost on me, until my husband Adam joined Vision Randwick and I saw him transform right before my eyes. I observed his diet and heard all about the program. His results were fast, realistic and undeniable. I thought "Well, why not me too?"

Once I made the decision to join Vision I was initially excited, but then I got very nervous about the Initial Consultation. Mainly because I felt self-conscious about the weigh-in and measurements. I think I'm like most women, we find discussing our physical goals and what we would like to achieve confronting and I remember actually dreading it! 

I can only describe the actual experience as 100% positive. I had the most caring personal trainer and I left that meeting feeling confident, focused and keen to get started. 

I found that having a PT was more than just pushing me through a training session. My exercise started with two weights sessions a week which I loved, even when my lazy muscles protested. There were group sessions available but I just began with walking for my cardio. I found I needed the extra guidance with my eating and cutting out unnecessary snacks. The Vision Virtual Food Planner really helped me to keep control of this.  The nutrition advice and accountability for wine and chocolate slips-ups are invaluable and helped me to get results from the start of the program.  

Even though I felt I had left getting fit too long, I was quite amazed at how well the program worked and I could see my body shape changing and firming up.  I also found that working with a PT helped me to prioritise myself and found that my time management improved, suddenly I did not stay at work that extra hour because my PT session was important to me.

I have found all of the trainers at Vision Randwick to be professional, genuinely supportive and they continue to give me self-belief in my ability to challenge myself.

I initially set a goal to lose 6kgs in the first 9 weeks and I lost a little extra in that time. Another 6 weeks later and I had lost 12kgs and I have maintained that for over 2 years.

Although I only started out walking, my fitness then built to the capacity of completing 10KM fun runs, a spartan race and even a Half Marathon. But what I am most proud of is having completed a Triathlon. I had secretly dreamed that I would one 'one day'. It took me 30 years but I finally did my first one when I turned 50. 

Vision is very much a community and I have made some wonderful friends. Clients take their training seriously but the atmosphere at the studio is very different from any other gym I have joined, it's very friendly and there is so much mutual support and inspiration from other clients. 

My daily outlook on life has changed to be more positive.  

When I think back to where I was two years ago and compare it to where I am now, I cannot believe the changes that have been made to my daily life. My partnership with Vision has been a life changing decision for me and because of it, I feel energetic, strong, healthy and proud of myself.

Fiona Milbank, 51, Maroubra

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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