Fionnaula Cullen

My journey wasn't about a dramatic physical transformation*



I actually am very proud of myself and what I have managed to achieve so far. My Aunt hasn't seen me in over a year and she couldn't believe the change in me, not just physically but me as a person as well and I put it all down to you guys.

My initial goal when going to Vision was to lose weight. I didn't care about nutrition or health, I just wanted to be 'skinny'.


I have taken so much confidence away from my training. I am so much more confident in what I can achieve. I set myself a goal and I fully believe that I can achieve it. Even if this is something simple as doing one rep at a certain weight, it's still a target, I still want to achieve it and I will achieve it because I have gained so much confidence in my ability to do something and I know that in time I will achieve it.


Photos have always been something I shy away from, I now don't run from the camera because I am much more happy about how I look. 


I keep training now because I enjoy it so much! It's not a chore or something I dread. It is just part of my daily routine now. I actually look forward to going to the gym I have never felt better about myself in my entire life so why would I give that up? I always want to set myself new goals and try and achieve them. Don't get me wrong, there are some mornings when my alarm goes off at 5.30am and its freezing cold the last thing I want to do is go to the gym but I do it because I know how good I will feel after.


It also helps that I know when I get there I am greeted by the best and friendliest bunch of trainers who genuinely make me smile and make the whole process a lot easier. My journey wasn't about a dramatic physical transformation in a short space of time, it was about a lifestyle change and a very personal change for me and I will never be able to thank everyone at Vision Personal Training Randwick for helping me on this journey, it isn't over yet!


People who are hesitant about starting - don't put it off any longer, you won't look back. I hated gyms. I was intimidated by them. Vision Personal Training Randwick has taught me so much. They have taught me how to eat properly and still enjoy my food. They have taught me the right exercises to do so that I am pushing myself and getting results. I don't ever feel like I am on a diet, it has just become my way of life. 


I am on a holiday visa and have seen and done amazing things while in Australia, I can hand on heart say joining Vision Personal Training was the best thing I have done. Apart from losing weight, I have gained confidence, learnt how to cook, made friends for life and actually developed a passion for health and fitness.


I would put some of my weight loss down to the laughing I did in my sessions. I had weeks where I wanted to give up because I was having a bad few days and I wasn't getting results that I wanted but my trainers just picked me up (literally!) and got me right back on track again and for me that was the most important thing.


It's not just a short term fix, it's a lifestyle change that you will be able to maintain for as long as you want. 


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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