Mark Cross

I now wake up happy every day because I’m happier with myself*



"At first, I didn't think waking up hung-over was a big deal. But then I realised I wasn't being the best dad I could be. I was also getting a bit fat, so when I saw a sign that said personal training, I decided to drop in to Vision during my lunch break.

When I started, I particularly loved the one-on-one personal training, because it's all about you and your goals for that half hour. Everyone else also helped me out; it wasn't intimidating at all. I love the atmosphere, the accountability, the sharing of little tips and tricks about training and nutrition. It's like a group of friends who have the same goals, and interests.

I've now lost 29kgs, and I'm stoked with my results. I have learned that you have to stick to your food plans as they do work. I've made this way of eating part of my lifestyle. I don't get down on myself if I have a bad meal or a bad day I just get back onto my program the next day.

Previously I just rocked up to train because it was part of my program, now it's because I love it. I like waking up and having my day packed - all my meals and training gear ready to go. I really want to see how far I can push myself.

I just feel so much better about everything. I now wake up happy every day because I'm happier with myself. If I had foreseen the after photo of me a year ago, I would've said that is how I want my body to look.

My transformation has given me a new vision of how I want my life to look - I have a wonderful daughter, a beautiful girlfriend, and I can look forward to a healthy future. My motivation comes from wanting to be better than I was yesterday, I want to be the best person and dad that I can be."

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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