Sheryn Carroll

14kg with Vision Randwick, 70 kg on her own.*



What was it that got you started?
After battling severe depression and the side effects of polycystic ovarian syndrome for many years, my doctor suggested I lose weight. Initially I only started watching what I ate. I then gradually started to introduce more and more exercise.
Why did you choose Vision Randwick?
I had been to a few different gyms and had tried many different trainers. I had just completed a 10 week challenge at a female gym when one of the trainers asked me how my food had been going. I told her I enjoyed a cheat meal here and there but was generally going well. She replied with "you still need to watch your food as you are still obese".
I was 84kg at that point, and after working myself in to the ground for the last 10 weeks, the last thing I needed to hear from somebody I took advice from was that I was still obese.
So the next day I came to work and rang around a few gyms in the local area. I didn't want to join just any old gym, I wanted personal training sessions.
I called two of the big gyms, both of which told me that I needed to have a monthly membership to be eligible to have PT sessions, which was also an additional cost. The fourth gym I tried was Vision. I emailed Wes who asked me to come in and have a chat to one of the trainers, who happened to be Joel. I did my first weights session the next day and have never looked back.
Are you happy with the results you've achieved?
I'm stoked to be where I am right now. I'm not quite yet at my goal, but 80kg ago I never would have believed that I would be at the point I am now. In fact, probably 10kg ago I didn't think it was possible.
Is there anything that surprised you about your journey?
How much of losing weight and being healthy is so mentally and emotionally exhausting. My body can be fatigued and sore, but it's my mind and my thoughts that I constantly battle with.
I keep coming back because I enjoy improving my health; seeing the differences in my body, the small improvements each week in weight or reps, the love hate relationship I have with those cardio sessions, and the euphoric experience after each session knowing I'm on the road to somewhere, even if I don't know exactly where that is right now.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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