Sue Gilkes

"I love the culture at Vision. I look forward to going there to work out."*



Vision Personal Training Randwick has many success stories from clients who say that their experience with Vision PT Randwick has been life changing.

One of our recent success stories is from Sue Gilkes. Sue started at our Randwick studio after receiving a flyer in her mailbox.

Sue says, "I was overweight and unhappy with how I looked. I had contemplated personal training many times, but could not summon up the courage to call any PT's from the area." After receiving our flyer and reading how different our approach is to weight loss and fitness, Sue took the first step and called us.

At Vision Randwick, we understand how hard it can be to take that first step. It is often very daunting and we find that many of our clients have had some less than fantastic experiences with other personal trainers. That's why we make it as easy as booking online to come in and see us.

Sue, as with all our clients, met with one of our most experienced trainers in a free consultation to work out what would suit her best. As Sue later said: "I met with a trainer for an initial consultation & although the cost was a worry, I figured that if it worked out and I got the results, the investment would be more than worth it. I had tried losing weight previously with cheaper options like outdoor group training and a large gym but this didn't result in any major weight loss. Vision is an all-encompassing package and the value is in the personal attention."

Sue is particularly positive about the experience at Vision for her as a woman and says, "I would recommend Vision to any women struggling with their weight. If you stick to the program the results really speak for themselves. Also the encouragement received by not only the trainers but other clients also assists with the process."

At the recent Vision PT Randwick Awards night and Christmas party (if you missed it, watch the video here  ), Sue was recognised with a Vision Culture award, a prize for positively contributing to the community culture at Vision. Sue Gilkes takes advantage of all that Vision has to offer. She is a regular at group sessions and running events. She encourages the others in the group when they need it. When asked why she continues with Vision, even after achieving her initial goals, Sue says "Because I need the motivation to continue and it would be too easy to fall back into bad ways (not just food but exercise).I also keep training because I still want to get fitter & healthier and improve my running."

"I love the culture at Vision. I actually look forward to going there to work out. I enjoy everyone knowing your name & greeting you when you arrive & leave. I love the Saturday group session club & breakfast afterwards. And lastly - I have the BEST trainer in the world :)"

Our culture is completely different here at Vision and for us, your success is our success. So why not give Vision PT Randwick a call on (02) 93995050 and come in for a free initial consultation. You are under no obligation but you have the opportunity to see how Vision really is different. We look forward to seeing you in the studio.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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