10 top food shopping tips to maximise your results**

Wednesday, 26 April 2017, By Andrew Simmons

Planning your food intake can contribute enormously towards your Health and Fitness Goals. Below is a list of 10 top tips to ensure that you make the right choices:

1.    Make a shopping list before you leave home and stick to it.

2.    Avoid shopping on an empty stomach.

3.    Be aware of the serving sizes on the food labels. Often they are much smaller than what you would actually consume.

4.    Avoid the items at the end of aisles and at the cash registers.

5.    Avoid the sweet aisles altogether.

6.    Develop the habit of reading and comparing food labels.

7.    Choose fresh ingredients over processed.

8.    Be aware of the carbohydrate contents of many low-fat foods.

9.    Choose the leanest meat possible at the deli.

10.  Be aware of the terms "light" and "lite" - they do not always mean low fat.

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