the benefits of weight training for weight loss for women*

Thursday, 25 June 2015, By Jack Smith

One of the most common questions from women when they begin their program with us is that "will weights make me bulky?" or "will I look like a man if i do weights?".  These people just need to get some better education as to why weight training can bring them massive benefits, not just in terms of weight loss, but overall health and vitality.

Women will never gain significant muscle mass when training within our systems.  Firstly women simply do not produce the same hormonal output of testosterone and growth hormone as their male counterparts to stimulate muscle hypertrophy.  Secondly, when the goal is too lose fat, the nutritional requirements are set to different standards as too someone who is looking to gain muscle mass.  When trying to lose weight, there is a need to have a slight caloric defecit to ensure the body utilizes its fat storage as a fuel source, when the goal is muscle gain there needs to be a caloric overload to allow the the muscles ample fuel to actually grow in structure and size.  Thirdly, 2-3 half hour weight sessions is too low a frequency and volume to allow for massive muscle growth.

Weight training is ideal for women as it really can assist to make lasting results easier.  Your overall muscle mass attributes to about 60% of your resting metabolism (the energy you naturally burn at rest) so if by doing weight training you can build your overall muscle mass which then builds the resting metabolism.  This can mean potentially it can be easier to lose fat as the body will naturally burn more energy every day.

Weight training can assist in shaping and toning your body.  When losing weight through diet alone, weight will be lost but overall body fat % and shape will stay fairly similar, just a smaller version of it.  By doing weights combined with adequate nutrition, the body shape will actually change and give a more athletic, toned physique.  When doing weight training as opposed to just diet aesthetics are not the only real benefit.  Studies suggest weight training can help with bone mineral density as putting the joints and bones under increased tension will only assist in keeping them healthy and strong.  Weight training has been found to assist in the reduction of type 2 diabetes, increasing insulin sensitivity.

If you want to be fit, healthy and strong whilst enjoying the weight loss process, then don't be afraid to step into the weights area!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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