Top Tips for summer Exercise*

Wednesday, 13 February 2019, By Jack Smith

Summer is well and truly here; the temperature gauge is high and the sun beams onto our skin.  During Springtime, after the harsh winter motivation is at an all time high due to the warmth after months of cold and dark mornings, but during Jan-March the heat and sun can become unbearable for some.

Just by following these few tips below, you can not only still hit your exercise goals but thrive in the summer time!

  1. Stay Hydrated.  It's recommended that you consume at least 2-3L of water per day plus 1L for every hour of Exercise.  During summer it's vital to do this as a minimum, even exceeding those guidelines due to the increased sweat rate through heat and sun exposure.  To avoid headaches or dehydration, ensure to have a water bottle on hand at all times and set yourself a goal to hit your hydration targets.  Also be aware to increase salt or electrolytes as you can become deficient by replacing sweat with water.  A tip may be to have on hand an electrolyte blend or Powerade Zero to help hydration.
  2. Plan your times for Exercise.  If schedules permit, attempt to exercise during the cooler parts of the day if exercising outside.  Setting the alarm that half hour earlier or exercising before dinner time can make a world of difference to the perceived effort of your training, leaving you to recover easier and be set for the next session
  3. Exercise in the Air-Conditioning.  When you come into the studio for a PT session, group exercise or your own cardio the Air-Con will always be on during summer.  This leaves you to be able to exercise at your discretion and feel comfortable at all hours!
  4. Change your training up!  Add swimming to your weekly plan, swimming is a great low-moderate or hard cardio session that works not only your cardiovascular system but is total body exercise as well.  Swimming training in summer, whether in a pool or open water is a great way to exercise in summer and enjoy a different type of training!
  5. Monitor your heart rate.  Running during summer will always have an effect on your heart rate.  If you are used to running at a particular speed with a certain heart rate during winter, it's important to adjust your plan as your heart rate will naturally rise due to the humidity, sun and heat on your skin.  Therefore, this lifts the zone you are exercising in, which if not planned for will change the way your body recovers.
  6. Slip, Slop, Slap.  Protecting yourself from skin cancer ensures that you won't encounter any long term damage from exercising in summer


The last thing to note is that we live in a beautiful country with great scenery and training facilities.  Enjoy what we have to offer and don't let any season get in the way of you experiencing your optimal health!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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