My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips*

Tuesday, 16 June 2015, By Jo Hurst

1.Don't buy petrol in the afternoon

The first tip I have for my clients is don't buy petrol in the afternoon? Why? This is generally a time in the day when we are feeling tired, hungry and overwhelmed - it is the perfect time to be taken advantage of in your vulnerable state. Those chocolates at the counter beckon you with an offer too good to refuse and you promise yourself this time I will give them to the kids - unfortunately they "fall open" before you have driven out and all evidence from your binge is removed before you walk in the door. Chips, chocolate, soft drinks are not good snacks even if you buy one and get the second for only $1 extra.

If you're not going to risk running out of petrol save it for the morning when you're fresh, you're ready for a great day and your food is packed and fits perfectly into your macronutrient allowance.

2.Have a can of tuna in your handbag/briefcase/backpack or desk drawer

This tip has saved me from certain binge fests many times. If you have been busy and haven't eaten you start thinking what's for lunch? Your mind wanders and dreams of foods that are generally high in refined sugars and full of preservatives. If you haven't packed your food or you have eaten everything you have a tin of tuna will tide you over. Tuna is a great snack and source of protein, it will help you feel satisfied until you can get to your next meal and hopefully stops you looking for less healthy options. It has a long use by date and can be eaten without refrigeration. Tuna: your helper in your handbag.

3.Don't keep food on your desk at work

Keeping food close to you at work, at home or in your car is setting yourself up for some bad habits. At least making yourself walk to the kitchen to grab some food make you think twice about why you're eating. Is it boredom or is it the feeling of doing 3 things at once? The busy busy busy life can lead to mindless eating and empty calories.

4.Move the snacks and treats every 4 weeks

At our place we have what is known as the "treatbasket". It has snacks, treats and leftover lollybags and Easter Eggs in it. I make sure it is moved to a new location every 4 weeks so that you don't get too comfortable with walking past and looking in. Put it up high out of eye sight, change cupboards or remove it completely. It is amazing how quickly the bad habits form and how long it takes to create new habits. When walking in from work put the kettle on - that's my new habit. Instead of lurking around the treat basket or the wine rack will make yourself a cup of tea and start a new work to home transition ritual.

5.Chop your celery up as soon as you bring it home

This is one of those discoveries I have only recently adopted. When I bring the groceries in I chop up the celery, some carrots and cucumber and place them into small snap lock bags. This way it stays fresh for longer and you have a great snack size serving that can be eaten for afternoon snack with hummus, tatziki or guacamole. Another tip is to use all your leftover vegies in a soup later in the week that way you aren't wasting anything, starting fresh each week and keeping healthy meals available for last minute convenience foods.

6.Snap lock bags are the best thing since sliced bread

Snap lock bags - they are a staple in our kitchen. With so many sizes to choose from you can get snacks, sandwiches, salad, leftovers, oats, cereal, crisp bread and steamed vegies and pack them ready for your next meal. I literally use them for everything. Saves time finding a matching lid that has disappeared into the cupboard and they can be disposed off quickly and reused if not too dirty.

7.Prep your food once a week

This little tip can save you an enormous amount of time through the week. Spending an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon organising your food for the week will save you hours each day and help you make great food choices. Once the food is organised you no longer have to think about your next meal. Thats a blessing already. Being able to eat on the run or Grab and go is now as easy as preparing your menu in advance, creating a shopping list and making things into meal sized portions and then having them in the fridge ready to go. You will not only save time but money as well.

8.Don't eat cake with your coffee

Coffee culture across Australia has taken off. WE buy coffee daily and often people will buy more than one a day. It has become a habit that is now seen as an escape or break from work, study or just quiet down time. My concern with the coffee break is not only do the macronutrients add up what we accompany our coffee with can be full of sugar, saturated fats and unheard of preservatives. An espresso coffee everyday never hurt anyone but consider having a second or third daily hit and STOP buying the cake, muffin or banana bread (I call it banana cake) to go with it. Imagine saving $10 a day=$50 a week=$2500 a year. That's a week away, a summer wardrobe or the extra payments off your car.

9.Know what you're going to eat before you get there.

We are generally very social creatures and love spending time with friends and family. Usually it revolves around the ritual of food. When you're invited out and your unfamiliar with the place you're going, check their menu inline. Look at the best options for you and decide what to order. You will be less likely to make a poor choice and you will remain strong in choosing a great meal that will leave you satisfied both physically and mentally. I usually go with the fish option (not battered and fried) as I find cooking fish at home smelly and a little fussy for me. It makes it an easy decision. I also will look at the sides and see if there is an unusual option of greens, always gives me new ideas to try at home. I weigh up the dessert options and if I feel there is something amazing I will calculate it into my macros and order it if still hungry. It also makes sense to share it with someone.

10.Help is at hand

There are plenty of people around to support you in your pursuit of health and fitness and your Vision Personal Trainer is just one person you can count on to be there for help and advice. Your friends and Vision Family are also around and chances are they have had the same challenges as you and can help steer you in the right direction. Finally Vision Personal Training has an amazing suite of tools to help you achieve your goals.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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