Tuesday, 25 September 2018, By JO HURST

PLANNING - Starting with a plan and giving yourself time to research, understand and process options is the first step to getting organised

GOAL SETTING - where are you going? Whether travelling or setting goals it is important to know your destination and the timeframe you have to work with. Making your destination fit in with the amount of time you can manage and your budget obviously comes first. It is unrealistic to visit Europe for a week on a small budget however Bali may be perfect.

SET OBJECTIVES - what do you need to get there? These little mini goals or objectives are your to do list and once ticked off will set you a step closer to the goal. They may include booking flights, tours, accommodation and experiences. The earlier we get organised the easier it is and the less time we stress about not being organised.

INCLUDE PEOPLE - who do you need to help you? You may have friends or family joining you but do you need expert advice and guidance to assist along the way? You may need someone to help with your planning and getting the most from your experience. Having a personalised approach is the key to a satisfying holiday not going it alone and being disappointed in what you didn't know was out there.

ASK FOR HELP - use the internet to research and weigh up options. Listen to people with experience and weigh up your options. Sometimes the BEST experiences are off the beaten track or come as a surprise, sometimes they are expensive but worth it for a once in a lifetime experience. Make sure you ask for recommendations and referrals from those you trust

ENJOY THE LEAD UP - once your plan is in place and you have some flexibility around your decisions it is time to enjoy the process, counting down the days, staying on top of your to do list and just persevering with the saving, sacrifices and determination of achieving your goal.

HAVE FUN - what's life without fun? It is important to take things seriously and remain focused on your goal and the lead up to it but along the way the memories are made up of the tiny fun, exhilarating, unexpected moments that came along and the benefits and learning you received from each one. There will be times you are out of your comfort zone and that is where we grow as a person and make transformations we never knew possible.

REFLECTION ON WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - take time to reflect throughout the process to understand how things work, how you work and what doesn't work for you. Past experience is a critical factor in determining our success. Remind yourself of how you could have done things differently so you don't make the same mistake again. Start thinking about what the next challenge is

PLAN - start again, restart, refocus and rejoice

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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