Wednesday, 21 November 2018, By Martin Barnard

The SMART Acronym is widely considered to be the best way to establish effective goal setting? Whether you already have one, or are still trying to ascertain your own compelling goal, this system could very well be the crucial missing piece that solves all your goal achieving woes.

'Shut up and take my money!' You say? Well how about we make a deal? You keep your money but in return you whip out some pen and paper, read the rest of this article and set yourself some SMART goals.

So, what are SMART goals?


-S stands for Specific.

-The goal needs be specific so you can define when it's been achieved.

-Example = losing weight isn't specific but losing 5kgs of Body fat is. 

-Gives clarity and focus to what you are trying to achieve and allows you to plan.


-M stands for measurable.

-You need to be able to measure your progress otherwise you'll never know if you're taking the right actions and moving in the right direction 

-Measure regularly for consistent accountability and feedback

-Could be Scales, Measurements, BioScan, Photos, Clothes, etc.


-A stands for attractive/Attainable.

-The goal needs to be attractive enough for you to want to take action towards achieving it otherwise you'll have no motivation to be consistent.

- With a strong enough 'WHY' you can overcome any 'HOW'


-R stands for realistic.

-It needs to be a realistic goal. Something that is actually doable otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. For example, 5 kgs in 10 weeks is achievable but 5kgs in one week is not 

-What are your barriers?

-What negative influences do you have?

-What has happened in the past that impeded you from achieving you goal? 

Time Based/Limited

-T stands for time based.

-Having a deadline date creates urgency and forces action.

-You can't just put off the actions and saying you'll do them tomorrow or later in the day

-Goal remains a high priority and does not lose out to others


Well I've done my part. Now it's your turn to go forth and set SMART goals! Remember...

'If nothing changes, nothing changes' - Courtney C. Stevens

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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