How to Stay on Track While Travelling*

Friday, 3 July 2015, By Deni Curtis

Take your own meals for your flight!


Long haul flights are hard enough on your body - and the food served by airlines often leaves a lot to be desired! What many people do not realise is that you can take your own food onto flights - no questions asked! This means that you can politely decline the 'fish or beef' as it is rolled down the aisle - and eat fresh, delicious meals that fit your macros perfectly!

Of course, you will need to leave any food that you do not eat on the plane, or dispose of it in the airport before clearing customs when you land at your new destination.

Simply buying plastic containers or zip lock bags to store your pre prepared meals and having plastic cutlery with you will mean that you can eat when you are ready. When working out how many meals to bring with you, remember to include the time you will spend in the airport before you board your flight.


Snack Smart


Find a local grocery store at your destination and stock up on healthy snack options such as fresh fruits and nuts that you can keep with you and munch on if healthy options are not available to you throughout the day.


Take your Protein Powder with you


Pack your protein powder and shaker cup in your checked luggage and declare it when you go through customs. When you wake up and go and exercise in the morning this is a great option for your first meal - while you wait for the sleepy heads to finally wake up and get ready to head out for breakfast.


Hotel Buffets


Oh the struggle of a Hotel Buffet! This is actually a great way to control exactly what you are eating. When you arrive first look at all of the options and consider what you would really like to eat. Then just make one plate for yourself - and do not return for a second serving! If you do return for a second serving - stick to lean proteins, steamed vegetables and the salad bar. Avoid sauces and other condiments that add unnecessary sugars and fats to your meal.



Be conscious of your alcohol consumption. While cocktails are fun to order, pretty to look at and easy to sip on - they are also packed with sugars! Choosing a clear spirit and sugar free mixer such as vodka, fresh lime and soda water will be your best option.


Do something active each day

If you are making a concerted effort to stay on track whilst on holidays - exercising first thing in the morning will be key to keeping you moving! This way, your exercise is out of the way and you are free to enjoy the rest of the day.

Exercising before you have had your first meal, also allows your body to utilise your stored fats and carbs as energy - making it the most effective time of day to exercise.



Enjoy your holiday and all that new experiences bring! Eat good food, and relax with friends and family. Just be mindful, that unlike the saying 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' … your food and alcohol choices while you are away will be souvenirs that you bring home with you!


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