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Tuesday, 23 July 2019, By Ugnius Stelmokaitis

 Why it's important to exercises.

Training is health and your wealth.  We hear this phrase often.  But as far as truth is concerned, here's the question? Training, activity and sport has been a very important part of life since the early cave men.  The first Olympics, which began in ancient Greece, laid the foundations for many sports.  These days, sport is not just a leisure activity or lifestyle, it is a well-paid job.  More than half of the world's population is found to be engaged in some form of physical activity.  Most of them are amateur and sports enthusiasts.

 The best motivation for exercising is to feel good

You have probably heard more than once, "why do you train?  You look so good after all.  However, not all people exercise to lose weight or gain muscle.  Being active is a guarantee of well-being.  No matter how old you are, physical activity is important for both young and old.

Good health is undoubtedly our greatest asset.  Only by feeling good can we be happy ourselves and make others happy.  If health goes down, the world around us can feel as though it collapses: power disappears, mood drops, we become irritable and unhappy.  To prevent this from happening, we must take care of ourselves every day.  Training and being active is a great way to make your life rich and fun.  It is important to remember that you get to choose how active you are, the intensity and the time.  Feeling good helps with self-motivation and set goals.  Exercise so that you feel comfortable with yourself.  It is necessary to feel positive about your well-being and allow yourself to try new activities and workouts. 

According to doctors and health professionals, activity is not only a great way to strengthen the body and to actively spend leisure time, but it is a wonderful time to help you forget about or even remove stress and tension.

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