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Tuesday, 23 June 2015, By Deni Curtis

Whether you are coming into the studio for muscle gain, fitness or weight loss - it is important that you are well fuelled with the correct nutrition, have been supported by your trainer and have the right mind set and that you are wearing clothing that is comfortable and functional!

The results we work towards in the studio cannot be given to us - we have to put in the time, dedication and sweat it takes for our bodies to change. No one piece of clothing can magically make us run faster, or lift more - you certainly have to put in the work.

However,you do not want to be wearing gear that you need to pull, adjust and be distracted by during your session - it distracts from your workout and is simply annoying to deal with! When exercising it is important that you are focusing on your body, and performing each movement correctly to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout, and avoiding injury.

You shouldn't simply be pulling on some sweat pants and a t-shirt for your session -it can be beneficial to invest in workout gear that not only looks good, but is functional!

Having recently partnered with Australia's leading sportswear company 2XU, my team at Surry Hills and I have had the opportunity to wear uniforms and training gear all manufactured by 2XU. 2XU pride them elves on understanding compression technology and its intimate relationship with the human body. For more than 10 years they have been dedicated to manufacturing unparalleled compression garments that will advance human performance. The difference in the way our bodies feel, move and perform in this gear cannot be denied !

2XU gear is not just for athletes or trainers, we highly recommend them for our clients too!

During a recent conversation with Linden Konrad, a proud and passionate 2XU Store Manager, she explained to me that "Whilst the 2XU Run and Fitness collections boast technical comfort, support and breathability, 2XU are the global market leaders and specialists in high-grade compression wear which, enhances circulation, prevents muscle oscillation, contains SPF50 and allows for an 8 way stretch movement"

If you do choose to invest in 2XU you have a few options, and should make your choice based on the type of activity you do within your sessions in and out of the studio.

Put simply, 2XU have 3 levels of performance compression plus a recovery and thermal compression range.

2XU compression range can be found in tights, shorts, long and short sleeve tops, singlets, arm guards, calf guards and socks.

The "Core" range start at a 70 denier, with a graduated fit from the calf up. They are an ideal range for anything from your workouts in the studio to running outdoors at our weekly run club.

Following this is the 2XU "Elite" range which has heightened compression. With a 105 denier panelling, this range encourages support to your dominant muscle groups in all your high-performance workouts.

The "MCS" or Muscle Containment Stamping range is the next generation in 2XU compression and the most advanced compression collection in the world. MCS is targeted compression that provides support in explosive and repetitive movements.

2XU also do a recovery tight, which (as the name suggests) is specific for recovery. They are a staple for the wardrobe to enhance circulation long after a work out to reduce post-exercise fatigue. We are particularly loving these during winter - to prevent our bodies from cooling down too quickly!

Quality pieces are an investment worth considering. I recommend you try on items before purchasing to make sure that they sit comfortably on your body and give you the support you need (Jumping around a change room is encouraged!). Your sessions should be a time to focus on your body - don't let uncomfortable, sweat filled, unsupportive clothing get in the way of your best effort!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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