Unlimited Potential - Trainers reflect on their journey to franchise ownership*

Monday, 30 May 2016, By L Curtis

"Ask anyone who works at Vision Personal Training and they'll tell you that it's a great place to work - and grow. Our purpose is to transform people's lives through education, motivation and inspiration. Join us and help fight the diabetes epidemic in Australia. Be surrounded by the industry's best to become a 5 Star Personal Trainer and even join our Future Owners Program and purchase your own Studio" 


The following article is a snapshot of the way in which Franchise owner Deni Curtis has most recently mentored and lead members of his team to not only deliver exceptional service, but to realising their own personal business goals. Read on to be inspired by the way in which Deni leads his team and the enthusiasm and energy displayed by Leigh Ann Scott and Phil Lee as they reflect upon the journey that has lead them to become franchise owners themselves.


Deni Curtis has over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and has been a business owner for over 9 years. Together with his wife, Deni has successfully opened a studio in Surry Hills, and in 2014 opened a Vision Personal Training Studio in Auckland. Deni is currently successfully managing business in two countires and continuing to see growth in his businesses and his teams.


Deni prides himself and his teams on having manifested unlimited energy. 

"I am exceptionally grateful to have positioned myself to be in a business that can positively impact the lives of so many people. Supporting clients in achieving their health and fitness goals is deeply rewarding on a daily basis. My team and I are consistently motivated to be our best and give our best because we passionately believe in the work we do".


Under his leadership, Deni has developed exceptional Personal Trainers, and is passionate about forging a strong career path for his entire team. He demonstrates an unrelenting desire to share not only what he knows, but his mindset with his teams.

With the support of Vision Head Quarters, Deni has successfully mentored and transitioned his employees from working as Personal Trainers in his studio to being in a position to be able to open their own studios. Team members that had their start in the fitness industry in his Surry Hills studios now own their own studio in Double Bay, Hamilton QLD and now Camberwell in Victoria.

" Having started as a Personal Trainer and having worked through the same progression my team members go through has given me invaluable insights into the challenges they face. It is extremely satisfying to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with my team and support them as I can personally relate to what they are experiencing". 



Phil Lee and Leigh Ann Scott both began their personal training careers within Deni's Surry Hills studio. In 2016, they are excited to become franchise owners themselves and together are opening their own studio in Camberwell, Melbourne. Read on as they reflect upon their experiences.


Leigh Ann's Journey from Personal Trainer to Franchise Owner


I became a personal trainer because I had been working with children promoting healthy eating, sport and physical activity for the five years previous to gaining my PT qualification and I wanted to start coaching adults too because at the end of the day, healthier adults mean healthier kids. I also wanted to start travelling and there's definitely a need for personal training in any country in the world so I knew that it would provide opportunities job wise, which proved to be the case at my first stop in Australia!


I decided to work at Vision Surry Hills after visiting the studio not long after I arrived in Sydney and meeting the studio owner, Deni Curtis. He was very friendly and welcoming and I could see his passion for helping people and with their health and fitness, which very much aligned with my goals, so thankfully he gave me the opportunity to become part of his team. I have been part of this amazing team for 5 and a half years.


I didn't know many people in Sydney having just arrived only a month or so before starting at Vision Surry Hills but that soon changed after being welcomed into the Vision Surry Hills family. I am proud to say that some of my closest friendships are as a result of the studio and have I have been privileged to be part of many events, parties and trips due to these friendships being made.


Each week I would have 1 on 1 meetings with Deni and these were useful in my growth and development, not just as a personal trainer but as a person. Deni could see that I like to be challenged; therefore we set goals which did take me out of my comfort zone but he was very supportive and always on hand to help if required. He was very trusting of me and always believed in my ability, even more so than me, which is has been good for my confidence and using my initiative. He was always open to any ideas that I had, which was great, because it felt I was really contributing to things happening in the Surry Hills studio. He could see that I had goals outside of work and it was good that he could link what I was doing in my role to help achieve these. He has always been very encouraging in me progressing to the next level and has been great to ask for advice, having been there before himself. He is a firm believer in being the best possible version of yourself and has really taught me about personal development, which I will carry forward with me.

I have always wanted to own my own studio and I have been inspired by seeing others around me, not just in our studio, but across the network achieving great things.


Being part of the Vision network has meant I have had access to courses and personal development opportunities.


Living by the Vision Values encourages you to lead the fullest life possible covering everything from healthy eating and exercise, to never ending personal growth, to owning your decisions and taking full responsibility and accountability for anything you do. I never really thought about what my values were and how they could impact my life before being at Vision Surry Hills, so I am definitely more self aware and seeking to understand before being understood definitely means I understand others and their point of view much more effectively. This has allowed for better communication and more meaningful relationships. By always being held accountable to delivering exceptional quality and consistency of service has resulted in me building a good client base, leading to top hours within the studio for the last three years, which in turn, has resulted in an income where I am continuing to achieve my personal goals. 


My journey from Trainer to Future Owner has been challenging in that I have found it difficult to raise the finance required to fund my own studio and the time that it takes to complete the relevant courses and assessments; however I know these are a crucial part of the training required to be a successful Franchise Owner so the patience and effort will be well worth it. 


Deni's belief in me has been very empowering. Vision has something for everyone, no matter what level you want to take your personal training career to. There are so many amazing resources from the people within the network, to the world class systems and tools you have at your fingertips, to the ever growing reputation and success of the brand. Its only going to get better and better and by accessing and utilising all these amazing resources and working hard on your own development, the sky is the limit. If you show your passion to be part of something big, the Vision Career Path will take you in the direction you want to go! 



Phil's Journey from Personal Trainer to Studio Owner


I became a personal trainer when I decided to change careers after becoming unhappy in the industry I was currently in. I had always had a passion for fitness and it was a regular habit I included into my lifestyle. I wanted to do something more positive and further develop myself. I completed my certificates in Melbourne before venturing to Sydney in search of something new. 

I I initially applied to Vision Surry Hills after reading about Visions career opportunities online and that they emphasized a helpful, team based environment. As the industry was completely new to me I felt that I needed guidance and Vision offered that. Surry hills was conveniently located to where I was living so I contacted Deni and met him for an interview. Once I had sat with Deni I felt more confident about my decision and proceeded to begin my journey with Vision. 

I've been at Surry Hills for nearly five years and I've loved it. I've made some great friends, met some amazing and inspiring people and it's given me an opportunity to develop and achieve things that I didn't think I would. Surry Hills is a great studio, it's been so much fun and the people are fantastic.

Deni encouraged the leader within me through mentoring, management and self development. He pushed me to take bigger steps than I felt like taking sometimes. He guided me into having the opportunity to manage the studio and this is one of the reasons I was inspired to move forward to become a franchise owner. Deni also helped me to think of my life in a bigger picture and see the importance of having life goals. 

In working towards becoming a franchise owner, I think the most challenging thing for me was trying to find what it really was that I wanted to do with my life. Once I knew what I wanted things started to fall into place. Deni pushing me further along with the Vision network and career path has offered me great opportunities. They gave me a door and a key but it was really up to me to open it and that's what was most challenging for me.

The Vision values have really influenced me in a positive way. I'm committed to a life of healthy eating and exercise. I'm emotionally aware of my own emotions as well as those around me. I've become a coach, someone who really understands people. I've helped people emotionally as well as physically and become a mentor and a role model for my fellow colleagues. I've become less selfish and much more open to challenges and change. I seek to understand before being understood. 

The Vision career path and being closely mentored with Deni has allowed me to have a successful career in the fitness industry. I have developed both as a trainer and as a person and the career path allows you to clearly see what amazing possibilities there are within the Vision network.

For those looking to progress further; embrace it, use the tools, education and people around you to grow, develop and achieve what you want to achieve. 



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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