Ron McFarlane

"I'm The Fittest Person I Know In My Age Group"*



Even in my youth I had always carried a few too many kilos but in recent years I started to feel really bad. It was when I saw a photo of myself by the pool that I realised how overweight I was getting. I started my weight loss campaign about 6 months before I started at Vision when I realised I needed more. Mario  is a great inspiration pushing me each week. I have found the goal  setting and nutritional knowledge I have gained to be of terrific benefit. I now weigh what I did when I left  high school so many years ago. 

At 52 I have finished the Sydney to Gong ride, can run 5km for the first time in my life and am now doing cardio sessions a few times a week and can feel it making such a difference. The team are encouraging and I really enjoy going to the gym each week

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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