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At Vision Personal Training Hunter St - Sydney CBD our friendly and motivated staff will help you reach your individual fitness or weight-loss goals - the fast, friendly and fun way! Vision Personal Training is unlike any other fitness studio - so come and experience the Vision Personal Training difference today!

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Emma Jackson

Emma has been the owner of Vision Personal Training Hunter Street since January 2013. Emma has previously worked as a 45 hour/week Personal Trainer at Vision Personal Training Neutral Bay before creating her dream team at with the Sydney CBD. Emma has a true passion for changing peoples lives, developing a healthy life balance, nutrition and of course, exercise. Allowing the community to become fitter, healthier & happier amongst the city hustle and bustle. Vision Personal Training Hunter Street was awarded 'Comeback Studio of the Year' in 2014, where Emma and her dream team brought the Hunter Street studio back to life, full of energy with a raving client data-base!

Article Posts

Carbohydrates – Which ones?

Carbohydrates (CHOs) are a hot topic at the moment. Should you include them in your diet, should you not? When to eat them and when not to? And which damn carbs are the best? It’s all very confusing, even I’m starting to second guess myself. So let’s keep it simple, shall we?


Meal prep – Take it or leave it?

Saving time, money and improving your health

Weight Loss

Five awesome protein shakes Vol.2

The consumption of protein (either through natural sources or supplementation) is a common strategy used by everyday fitness enthusiasts and sports athletes in and around their training sessions to facilitate muscle repair and remodelling. This strategy is employed to enhance post-exercise hypertrophy, strength-based adaptations and tissue repair.


Five awesome protein shakes Vol.1

As you know, meeting your protein requirements is essential for achieving your long term results. Protein boosts your metabolism, builds lean, strong muscle and is paramount to recovery after training. Supplementation through protein powder is the easiest way to increase protein intake if you are failing to do so through whole foods and also makes for a great snack! Here are five protein shakes to help you get started!


Overcoming Procrastination

I wrote this small article because it’s been on my mind and I thought I would share some thoughts about how to overcome procrastination and start achieving the things you’ve always wanted to. Starting with what a goal is, the need for a plan and the fear of failing.

Personal Training

What are goals?

What does it really mean to have a goal? Trainers and clients alike always like to think that they are ‘goal-orientated’, but more often than not, they don’t understand what a goal actually is. 

Weight Loss

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