Nadine Dulnuan

I ran a Half Marathon!*



I love walking into Vision Personal Training Hunter Street because I know I'll always be met with some good friendly banter and a genuine interest in how I am. The community feel where Trainers and clients know and are supportive of each other is fantastic and just adds to the many reasons I visit often!

The Trainers themselves are standouts and you can tell that it's more than just a job for them. They are genuine in trying to help change people's lives and to smash their goals! I should know, as I've experienced it firsthand. Every session I have with my trainer Adam, I know I'll be challenged and pushed to my limits, but that's what I'm there for. I like the fact that he's got a pretty good gauge of my capabilities and will always try to get that extra mile out of me. More often than not, he will.

I've also really come to appreciate Vision holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, where it's not just about working out and nutrition, but a re-education on how to eat for specific goals and how to treat your body. The nutrition and shopping seminars are a fantastic source of knowledge as well.

If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, there's none better than the crew at Vision Personal Training Hunter Street!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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What are goals?

What are goals?*

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Loss of 23kg*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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