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Growing up I was pretty much a couch potato. I dabbled a little bit in tennis and ballet but never played any team sports and wasn't at all outdoorsy, instead spending many happy hours watching TV and reading. It's therefore safe to say that physical activity did not come naturally to me.

It was only after starting my first full time job, having gained about 8kg from discovering the joys of hazelnut cappuccinos and 3.30pm snack time that I began any form of exercise. Over several years I built myself a routine. It incorporated a lot of walking, Zumba, pole classes and mixed soccer. While my life was on track, this worked for me and I dropped the weight.

In late 2014 I fell off the tracks. A combination of several different life events had left me depressed and I turned to food to cope. I had always been a foodie with a serious sweet tooth but what had been a hobby became an obsession and even after my emotional state returned to normal, the eating had become a habit I just could shake. After spending several months trying and failing to break the cycle of bingeing and over eating by myself, I realised I needed help. I chose Vision Personal Training Hunter Street because they combined a structured, exercise program with personally tailored food education as well as accountability in the form of a very enthusiastic and supportive trainer called Adam.

I've been with Vision Personal Training Hunter Street for almost a year now and though the road hasn't been smooth, the experience has been great! I've fallen off the wagon a few times - once after an overseas holiday and a couple of other times during periods of work related stress. The difference now is that these slips don't last for long. Now I have someone - if fact a whole team of someones - in my corner, urging me to forget my fall and get back on. Bad habits are hard to break and though mine aren't quite broken yet, I'm definitely getting there. On the plus, I'm able to eat, cook and bake again without the fear that I could fall again and never get up.

The physical changes have been amazing too. Though I weigh the most I have ever done for a prolonged period of time, I am fitter and stronger that I have ever been. I'm almost pure muscle! From being unable to do a single push up, I can now do 3 sets of 15. I can squat almost my entire body weight, dead lift 45kg and run 7km up and down hills without stopping. I'm constantly encouraged to go beyond my limits and do better. Because of this I've been able to achieve more than I ever thought possible. I've also made new friends and get to go to a place where people greet me with joy and support me in my endeavours both inside and out of the gym.

It's not really about the machines I've used, the number of minutes I've spent moving or the quantity of food I've been consuming. Of course these are the building blocks to success but they aren't what help me to reach it. What really makes the different is the way I feel, my now un-dampened hope for the best outcome and how I have been encouraged to believe that I can do it ... and that Vision Personal Training Hunter Street will always be there to help me.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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