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Nathan Walsh, Chris and Alicia Jovcevski

Nathan’s background in professional Rugby League has built skills in team work and caring about others. He has 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and has personally helped thousands of clients achieve their health and fitness goals, through healthy eating and simple fun exercise. Chris is the current owner of Vision Personal Training Bangor, Engadine and now partnering with Nathan at Sylvania, all neighbouring in the Sutherland Shire. His background in professional soccer partners with the skills of Nathan. He has a genuine care for people’s health and lives by an ABOVE THE LINE AT ALL TIMES attitude. Chris now enjoys endurance training and has competed in marathons, triathlons and Iron-Man events. Chris’s inspirational wife Alicia also embodies health and fitness with her own personal weight loss journey of losing 35 kilos herself through Vision and has completed many running events, most recently the Melbourne Half Marathon, all while bringing up their baby daughter. Over our 10 years with Vision, we have transformed the lives of thousands of Sutherland Shire people and would love to help you too! Call the studio today so we can help you get fitter, healthier and stronger!

Article Posts

Running for Success

The running season is fast approaching! For some this presents the challenge and allure of new personal bests whilst for others it creates a new opportunity to venture into running!

Weight Loss

Core Strength – The Foundation of Injury Free Achievement

Lower Back Pain? Shoulder Pain? Knee Pain? Hip Pain? I personally used to suffer from all of these issues during my early training days. I thought it was normal to feel pain while exercising. No pain, no gain right? Well I was dead wrong!

Weight Loss

The Vision Bioscan – your complete heath check in 60 seconds! What is it & Why do you need it?

The Vision Bioscan - Self-discovery, self-awareness and self-improvement! In short, it’s your complete health check in under 60 seconds. At Vision Personal Training we believe that knowledge is power, the Vision Bioscan is the newest in body composition scanning technology. The Vision BioScan takes 20 measurements across your body including Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Protein, Total Body Water, Bio Age and provides you with an overall health score.

Weight Loss

How to recognise and reverse the habit of Overeating & Binge-eating

As someone who always tended to eat my emotions with foods that never nourished me, I have always had a pattern of overeating when feeling stressed or unhappy. Through my own Health and Fitness journey, I've discovered you can change this habit

Weight Loss

10 Simple make-it-yourself salad dressings that won’t burst your calorie bank!

We know that salad and veggies are great for our waistlines and full of fibre but let’s face it, they can be very boring simply on their own which is why we are giving you 10 make-it-yourself salad dressings that won’t burst your calorie bank! All of which can be stored in a glass container in your fridge for later on as well.


Vegetarian Recipes

The greatest success in your health and fitness comes from good planning. Being organised with your food always sets you up for a good week ahead. We often cater for many recipes but we find that people really struggle with making vegetarian dishes that are wholesome and appetising. Try any of these 6 simple yet flavoursome vegetarian dishes, suitable for any cook's skill level!


Meat-free meals - what are the benefits?!

On occasion, we get asked for meat-free alternative meals and how to include more recipes into our diets that are “meat-free”.


Why you should join Vision’s 9-week weight loss challenge!

The answer to all your prayers - Vision's infamous 9-week Weight Loss Challenge! The Weight Loss Challenge happens twice a year in both autumn and spring so that we have you looking and feeling your best for every season. WHY should you sign up to the challenge? Here's our top simple reasons!

Weight Loss

Preparing for a successful race-day!

Whether it be your first fun run or long-distance event like a half or full-marathon, here are our top tips to set you up for success.

Personal Training

The Role of Physical Activity and Fitness in assisting Mental Health

The purpose of this article is to make people aware of the positive impact that physical activity can have on people who struggle with head-space.

Weight Loss

Be the best version of YOU for your family!

Use these strategies to improve your health and the health of your family!

Weight Loss

8 top tips to avoid the winter layers piling on!

Now that daylight savings is over we know the inevitable season of winter is upon us. But that doesn’t mean that we have to hibernate & pile on the extra layers of fat that can creep in under those baggy jumpers! It’s all about acclimatising & adjusting your eating & training plans to suit the seasons!

Weight Loss

Commitment to healthy ageing!

Do the number of candles on your birthday cake correlate to the number of things slowing down in your body as you age? Only if you let it! Remaining healthy and active into our advancing years is the key to fighting fit & increasing longevity to enjoy good quality of life.

Personal Training

Weight loss - If you won’t track your food then you can’t expect to lose weight!

WHY, at Vision, do we ask you to track your food? As a Client of Vision Personal Training you will know that we focus on the 4 E’s: Emotions, Education, Eating and Exercise and we set and monitor client goals every week!

Weight Loss

6 things you may be doing that are sabotaging your workouts!

Making the time to exercise and put your body under stress is key for weight loss and/or muscle gain, but certain foods or activities in the lead up to your workouts might be affecting your output, results and performance

Weight Loss

Why does the quality of your sleep matter?

When it comes to good health and fitness, many people overlook sleep as an essential factor of a healthy body and mind. Creating and following healthy sleep habits can make all the difference between restlessness and a sound sleep.

Weight Loss

How to improve your Cholesterol

When was the last time you had your cholesterol checked? How do you know if you have abnormally high cholesterol? The simple answer is, you don't – having high cholesterol doesn't produce any symptoms and many people first learn they have high cholesterol only when they suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

Weight Loss

Secret Women’s Business

This one’s for the ladies! Getting through menstruation week.. Arguably the toughest week during a women’s health & fitness journey, the week before & the week of menstruation!

Weight Loss

The Smoothie & Acai Bowl fad – full of goodness or full of empty calories?

Smoothies & Acai bowls are two of the most popular (& on trend) ‘health food items’ on most Café menu’s right now, but are they actually good for us?


Resetting your health & fitness MOJO!

After enjoying life in balance over many Christmas & new year social events, most of us are now trying to settle back into the daily grind

Weight Loss

Tips on getting through the Christmas & New Year festivities without needing a weight-loss New Year’s resolution!

It is no surprise that evidence shows keeping basic lifestyle habits on track during the holiday period is likely to prevent excessive weight gain. The excess kilos don't just disappear along with the Christmas decorations so here are a few key tips to allow you to enjoy the Christmas break without needing to lose the weight you originally lost throughout the year all over again, as your new year’s resolution!

Weight Loss

Food for the Festive Season – Part 2

It’s Christmas & it is a time where we should be able to let our hair down a little & indulge more than usual, so now it's time to talk the real deal..... the sweet treats & desserts that won't bust your belt buckle!

Weight Loss

Food for the Festive Season – Part 1

To help you stay aligned with your newfound healthy lifestyle, we have put together a few quick, simple, yummy & easy-to-make recipes for entertaining that everyone can enjoy over the silly season without the guilt.


To Macronutrients And Beyond

Don't know what to make of macronutrients, micronutrients, fibre, alcohol, and the glycemic index? Have a read to find out make to make you more at ease with your nutrition.


The first steps to creating a better you, every single day!

The beginning of any health or fitness goal is a challenge because it is new to you & feels like it requires extra effort, which is does in the short-term, but if you just make these small changes initially, you feel better & start to adopt these changes into your everyday routine without even thinking about them

Weight Loss

Move - Walk - Jog - Run - Gazelle

Every human being is built not only to run but move like gazelles! Our sedentary lifestyle has stopped us from reaching our human potential as moving beings!

Weight Loss

How to eat out when wine-ing & dining!

Are you always scanning a menu at a cafe, wondering how to select a meal without ruining a weeks’ worth of good food choices & exercise? Here are some key ways to stay on track with your goals without depriving yourself:


The Coconut Oil Craze!

It appears in lots of health food recipes, celebrities like Miranda Kerr swear by it & it is even recommended for use in your daily beauty regime nowadays... Coconut Oil. So, what's all the fuss about?

Weight Loss

What Bread Is Best??

We are being conditioned to believe that if we want to lose weight that we need to eliminate bread from our diet. This is not true! When it comes to fueling our bodies, carbohydrates are what fuel the engine room.

Weight Loss

How to simplify Meal Planning & Meal Prep!

There is no escaping it; being organised is probably the single most important element for good nutrition

Weight Loss

Smart Snacking

We can never seem to have enough snack options when it comes to people wanting advice on what to eat between the 3 major meals throughout the day & any


Eat less, Move More???

We have all heard of the term “eat less, move more”, quite simple right? But why is 63% of Australia considered overweight and obese.

Weight Loss

Every day Herbs & Spices that are effective for better health!

Did you know that incorporating certain types of herbs & spices in your cooking can contribute to better digestion, decreased water retention, weight loss & overall better general health?


Resistance Training: The Fountain Of Youth

Do you want to maintain quality of life as you grow older? Is it important you're capable of performing your daily tasks, enjoying recreational activities, and caring for yourself and family?

Personal Training

Addressing The 'Time Poor' Myth

I am going to be 100% honest, I have sat down and spoken to thousands of people about achieving their health and fitness goals and in the words 80% of these people "TIME" has been a huge barrier in their heads.

Weight Loss

Friends with benefits

It is a huge benefit to your health and fitness goals. Surround yourself with a person that is working towards a similar goal to you.

Weight Loss

Happy Holidays

Everyone loves a holiday and with these tips you will be on your way feeling fit, healthy and ready for a great trip.

Weight Loss

Training for Wellness

We are increasingly finding clients who just want to train for wellness. Many people will train to lose weight, gain strength and increase fitness however for some people just want to train to feel well. What does this mean and how do we do it differently at Vision Personal Training?

Weight Loss

Never Too Late

Retirement looms so now is the time to get your affairs in order. Many of us look at our financial projections, holidays and time spent with family as the lifestyle goals to focus on but honestly have you looked at yourself and how you will complete your bucket list if you can’t climb out of the tour bus or walk The Inca Trail?

Personal Training


6 things you can do right now to keep you calm, motivated and focussed for the rest of the day

Weight Loss


Many people have asked why am I doing Kokoda and I don’t really have an inspiring answer – I didn’t have a grandfather who was there, it wasn’t on my bucket list, it’s not been something I’ve strived to do for many years and I don’t know too many people who have tackled it and provided me with unwavering commitment. So my answer is “It sounded like a good idea at the time”, a few clients put their hand up to do it and I’m a big believer in why not?

Group Training

My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

People always ask for advice regarding cravings, binges and general nutrition guidance. Here are my top 10 tips developed over the past 14 years of Personal Training

Weight Loss


At Vision Personal Training we have an amazing interactive client portal that assists our clients to maintain their motivation 24/7. It’s not just a food diary but a complete resource that encompasses our 4 E’s –Emotions, Education, Eating and Exercise. This holistic approach is also available to any client worldwide. It enables you to create your own exercise and eating program and keep yourself accountable. .

Weight Loss

Unity in Community

A massive part of Vision Personal Training is our commitment to building community. This is something we are truly proud of and we work tirelessly to serve not only our client community but the local community that surrounds us.

Weight Loss


Change can be difficult for some of us. Utilise these ideas to help you make the changes you need to transform your life

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