Addressing The 'Time Poor' Myth*

Wednesday, 17 August 2016, By Christopher Jovcevski

I am going to be totally honest, I have sat down and spoken to thousands of people about achieving their health and fitness goals and in the words 80% of these people "TIME" has been a huge barrier in their heads.

The reality of our lives is that we are really busy. In the 20th century the things we spend our time doing and our work expectations are dramatically different from 20 years ago.

Most of us are in the Sydney workforce. It's tougher than ever.  A great article from the 'Harvard Business Review' shed some light on our new work reality. Since the recession the expectation on individuals in their positions has dramatically increased, so much so that if you hold a management position, prioritising your tasks is no longer an effective method of managing your day. You need to delegate to ensure that everything important gets done. This then follows on into our personal lives with our husbands, wives, kids, friends, mums, dads and extended families.

Here are my top three tips to get you the time you need.

TIP 1 - Something has to give!

You need to make a choice as to what the most important things are to you. In my opinion we have nothing without our health. Too many of us wait… we wait until the doctor tells us we need to, we wait until someone around us has a heart attack, we wait until our partner leaves us. Tomorrow could be too late for you.

Make the change now. That way, you will fit the time in and delegate what you need in order to have the time to spend on the most important thing! YOU!

Build a plan that gives you 30min to an hour a day to spend on your health and fitness and sacrifice and delegate around it. This is of the utmost importance, do not compromise it for anything!

TIP 2 - Do a time audit

What are you actually spending your time on? Did you know that the average person spends 12 hours per week on media? Facebook, Internet Browsing, Instagram... Is this the most effective use of your time? I really doubt it.

Spend your valuable time analysing what you actually spend time on doing in your week. Are these in line with your personal values? Does this bring positivity to your life and happiness?
You will definitely be surprised and maybe even shocked!

TIP 3 - Discipline

This is the people component. In my mind this is the biggest obstacle people face. It would be easy if we were the only people in the world and no one whispered negativity in our ears.

I love people and that's why I love the industry I am devoting my life to, however it has also shown me that some people can't get out of BED………

Blame, Excuses, Denial

These people try to make us feel like we are hurting them because they don't receive the time they used to spend with us anymore. They are the people that say 'don't go to the gym today, stay with me'. They express anger, sadness, emotional blackmail and other negative emotional choices towards you to bring you down.

For some people it's hard to take this next point but here are the general facts

  • They are in BED and don't want you to leave it!
  • They are not good in your life; they are bringing you down
  • You are completely in control of the emotional effect they have on you
  • Their negative emotions are usually linked to insecurity and fear
  • You will never have the time to focus on your health, if you let them influence it

Most people have this issue to different degrees. There are some people that I have worked with over the years have used mental elimination tactics too emotionally withdraw from these people while they went on their weight loss journey.
However most successful people have had to eliminate them out of their lives for temporary periods to become successful. Then it was their choice to let them back in on their terms.

To avoid this, get their support by explaining to them how much this means to you from the start. Then from that point onwards you can only control you, not them.

To summarise!

Delegate to find the time, don't waste it! You only get a little in this life. Then make sure your time is being spent on the important things. Get out of BED and be disciplined with who you let into to your success circle, they will be the ones who help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Free up some time and get going!

Christopher Jovcevski

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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