Wednesday, 18 November 2015, By Jo Hurst

Our lives are so busy, full of things to do, places to be, people to see. We rarely have time to catch our breath and we can find it overwhelming and stressful when those "moments" arise. So here are a few quick, easy and effective ideas that may assist you in decreasing your anxiety and increasing your productivity.

  1. STOP! BREATHE - 6 deep breaths will help you focus your mind. It will enable you to release tensions by relaxing your mind. You get rid of the build up of C02 and the toxins associated with it. The increase in Oxygen improves the quality of blood moving around your body helping you feel fresh and re energising you.
  2. STOP! LISTEN - to the sounds around you. What is going on in your environment? It is easy for us to disengage and tune out and be so focussed on what we are doing we are unable to hear the sounds of the day.Listen to your favourite music. Have a playlist of 5 tunes that immediately take you away to another place. Pop your headphones on and float away to a place far away from work or children or the business of life.
  3. STOP! WRITE - revisit your goals. What are the five things you are working towards to make your life even more interesting and fulfilled? This also helps you remember your WHY and your reasons for doing what you do
  4. STOP! WALK - get up and head outside for a walk. Find a reason to exercise and 5 minutes will actually energise you and help you clear your mind and assist you in getting back to a productive head space
  5. STOP! DRINK - make sure you are drinking the water on your desk not just looking at it. Finishing your water then gives you a reason to get up walk around and refill it
  6. STOP! REFLECT - take five minutes to list the things you are grateful for in your life right now. Always changes your mindset into a positive state and allows you to acknowledge what an awesome life you have, you are in control of it and empowered to make the most of it.
*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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