Kathy Weber

I am getting lovely compliments about how I look, but even more astounding is that I have friends and colleagues telling me that I’m an inspiration. Wow!*

Hello. My name is Kathy. I was an overweight child and have been overweight for most of my adult life. If you ask my friends they will tell you that I have always been on a diet. Apart from some crazy diets in my youth such as The Grapefruit Diet and The Israeli Army Diet, I prefer eating plans that have scientific research behind them. Even so, the weight would be hard to shift and would eventually find its way back again with some extra! So, I decided to try Vision. I have just lost 30 kilograms. I believe the difference this time could be attributed to three things: lifting weights, more protein and the right amount of carbs. I have learnt this from Vision. My fitness has dramatically improved as a result of my cardio sessions and I have noticed that my body is looking more muscular rather than just thinner as a result of my weight training. My weight loss has always been about becoming healthier. I suffered a major heart episode seven years ago so I was always concerned before with the extra weight I was carrying. Now I feel really comfortable and nothing seems to be an effort. Although my weight loss has been at a slow rate, it's really satisfying seeing my weight and size coming down over the months. It's a bonus that I am getting lovely compliments about how I look, but even more astounding is that I have friends and colleagues telling me that I'm an inspiration. Wow! What I have achieved with Vision is amazing. I have learnt to set goals and work towards them. This includes participating in two Weight Loss Challenges, and I even won the Studio's Female Section earlier in the year. I have participated in The Sutherland to Surf and also The Blackmores Fun Run. I have used the Vision tools to keep me on track and I enjoy mixing up my exercise routine by joining in the group classes. I am thankful for the trainers, owners and community of Sylvania Vision. I have learnt and achieved so much in a friendly, inclusive and caring environment. Even though I still have more weight to lose I know that my goal weight is now achievable. I also know that once I'm there I will continue to set more goals for my health and fitness under the watchful eye of my wonderful trainer.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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