Nicole Barnes

"I'm amazed at my own transformation"*




I have always known the value of health and fitness. As a young adult, I was a competitive still-water rower and have always been a keen runner so training has always been a part of my life. Looking back over the last 20 years, I remember all the great achievements including running multiple half marathons, however, I also remember never feeling good with my weight and suffering many injuries. My husband says I have made more donations to gyms in the Shire than any person he knows. I just never seemed to be able to stick with it!

As I got older I found it increasingly difficult to make a significant change as I always felt like I was doing okay. Weighing more than I liked never stopped me running, walking or swimming regularly however I would get down on myself as the weight didn't shift and my body shape didn't change. Of course, the main problem was my attitude towards food. I enjoyed my snacking, over ate, loved an alcoholic drink and always said "I will start being healthy tomorrow!" It is such a frustrating cycle because I knew it was wrong but no one's advice was ever enough to break it.

That is until I met the Simmons Family! One deep and meaningful conversation with Fiona and Andrew put me in touch with the amazing team at Sylvania Vision. With the support of my family I started a completely new journey towards my own personal happiness. As a naturally competitive person it did not take long to get into a rhythm of bettering myself in every session. Being accountable to Jack, my Trainer, for my food, my exercise and my attitude is exactly what I needed. To be able to go away or have nights out and know that the rollercoaster of giving it all up the next day is in the past is such a fantastic feeling. The support and constant learning at Vision is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have never enjoyed a milestone as much as I did losing 10kg and I am completely amazed at my own transformation in body and mind and cannot imagine life lived any other way....

Thank you to Jack and all the Team at Sylvania Vision

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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