Anthony McNaughten

A New Man at 50!*



I have belonged to numerous gyms and worked with various personal trainers over many years however the team at Vision have the best approach I have ever come across.

The multipronged focus on exercise, eating and emotions combined with the discipline of weekly weigh-ins and regular focus on goal setting has encouraged me to embrace the programme and new lifestyle.

I know if I stick to the prescribed macronutrient intake and exercise regime I will lose weight.

My energy levels have improved, I'm fitting clothes I haven't worn in ages and find I am constantly pushing myself to set new personal bests with the weight training and the various cardio exercises. All trainers are excellent - they are enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and great at motivating. Who knew high intensity interval training could be such fun? I have no hesitation in recommending Vision Personal Training. Within weeks of joining you will look and feel so much better. What are you waiting for?    

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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Speeding up at age 69!-beforeSpeeding up at age 69!-after

Richard Wingfield

Speeding up at age 69!*

A New Man at 50!-beforeA New Man at 50!-after

Anthony McNaughten

A New Man at 50!*

19% body fat to 8%-before19% body fat to 8%-after

Scott Rushton

19% body fat to 8%*

*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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