David McKeown

I've reduced body fat, improved diet, built muscle, slept better - and the list goes on*



Over the last 11 months I've lost 14kg, reduced body fat, improved diet, built muscle, slept better - and the list goes on.  

This started because I signed up at Vision Personal Training Takapuna, to lose a bit of weight over a 9 week programme.  I achieved more, because I followed the program and listened to the experts - The Personal Trainers 

For the majority of this time, I've worked wih my Personal Trainer who puts me through an ever changing program, personalised for me so I continue to get fitter and healthier.  His one on one Personal Training includes diet advice and also cardio programs.  My Personal Trainers approach is to challenge and not make it painfully impossible and he has been flexible with an old injury by adjusting exercises.  During my sessions, his sole focus is working with me, never distracted, and watching to make sure every rep is done correctly.

Vision Personal Training says it's the Studio where everyone knows your name - and it's true.  It's friendly and not pretentious which means everyone is comfortable to do their best.   

I would recommend Vision to anyone - I have introduced my daughter and she is loving it - and we are able to do Group Training together.

In summary, my Personal Trainer and Vision have taken the pain out of my lifestyle. Changed and added a training program to take me beyond where I thought I could go with my body.



*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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