Kath Allen

I feel fitter, stronger and more toned than ever!*



I started my Vision journey after becoming acutely aware that my clothes were not fitting me well and I was a little too padded with fat!

From my initial consultations with the team at Vision Personal Training Takapuna, I felt extremely motivated and supported to reach my goal of weight loss and becoming fitter. Combining weights and cardio sessions and having an exceptionally amazing Personal Trainer, I chipped away at my weight loss goal and felt myself getting leaner and stronger as the weeks went by.

Using VVT has been an absolute blessing for me too. I track my food daily and can see what my macros are. I now feel a lot more educated in the world of carbs, proteins and fats and what levels work for me and my body.

As the weight came off, my family, friends and workmates commented on how I looked and this simply added to my motivation and perseverance to get to my goal.

I have hit 10kgs in weight loss. I feel fitter, stronger and more toned than I have ever felt in my adult life and I'm eternally grateful to the team at Vision for making this happen. I absolutely could not have done this without them.

The team at Vision Takapuna feel like my family. They are all hugely supportive and encouraging and if more people could be like them, the fitness industry would be a better place.

Thanks so much Vision Takapuna, you guys are the best!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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