Monday, 23 October 2017, By James Harris

Having an event as a goal is so great! And not just a fitness event, but also going away on holidays, birthdays or even your anniversary! Why is it so great you ask? Because the goal then is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and in a timeframe. If it's something you go to sleep thinking about and something you wake up thinking about it's a real goal that motivates and fits all the criteria above!

A very common goal is to get fit for summer, which isn't really specific or measurable and the time frame is questionable. A better goal is to lose 4 kilos by the 20th of December for when you're at the beach in Sorrento with friends and family and why you want to lose the 4kg is so that you can confidently go out in the water and be active with your children.

For me personally, a goal that is motivating is trying to win a fitness event. So firstly, I'll research the event I want to complete and see previous results from other years in that specific event, basing my training plan around that. For example, knowing I have to run 10km in sub 40mins with a lot of incline in 8 weeks' time, I can base my training plan around that (you can ask your trainer for a training plan for an upcoming event you want to work towards). Putting in the hard yards early and training for the event will give me the confidence for my upcoming event. So, does that fit the criteria above? It's Specific wanting to win a fitness event, it's Measurable 10km in sub 40mins, it's Achievable by following my training plan, it's Realistic going off past fitness events and knowing what my body is capable of, and last of all the Timeframe is in 8 weeks knowing the exact date of when I'll be completing the run.

Then to really find a great goal that means a lot, you must look at why you want to do it. That is the key to keeping your motivation up over the 8 weeks. Why I want to complete this goal is because for me personally, I like winning, I'm highly competitive and can't stand coming second. I won't care too much about the time I get in the run as long as I win. Looking at the sub 40min time for 10km is going off previous results of the event and something I can base my training around.

Now that's just me, a lot of people are different in their motivation and why they want to complete goals. It can be completing 5km because you've never ran that far before and it would be a massive achievement for your self-respect, making your family proud. It could be weighing in less than 80 kilos because you may not have done that since you were a teenager. Or even wanting to be stronger so you can be more active with your children. So, looking to be able to do 5 push ups and 1 body weight chin up for example as a way of measuring your strength, could be a great goal although with the key motivator being able to play with your kids more easily.

No matter the goal big or small, it's still a goal and it's significant to you, and more importantly the goal is motivating you to take action. That is why sharing your "why" with not just your trainer, but as many people as possible is a great idea. The more you share your goal and motivation, the reason why you're doing it, the more real it becomes and you will work harder towards achieving your goal!

And in the long run - you will achieve the goals you set out to, because they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and with a Timeframe. 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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