Adin Scalone

Muscle Gain*



A huge amount has changed between the takings of these two photos. The first one was taken on March 10 2016, when I first started working at Vision Personal Training Wahroonga. At the time I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety and only weighed 65kg with 11.6% body fat. Starting work at Vision has been an absolute blessing, not only has it helped me overcome depression by helping others who need it most but it has changed my life and my future. The second photo was taken weighing 73.5kg and 7% body fat. It is truly amazing what the mind is capable of, and capable of overcoming. It is also amazing what an incredible circle of influence can do to help reach you goals. Hard work and discipline really does pay off and is the key to success!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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10kg Loss!-before10kg Loss!-after

Jan Williamson

10kg Loss!*

Muscle Gain-beforeMuscle Gain-after

Adin Scalone

Muscle Gain*

18kg down-before18kg down-after

Bridget Byrnes

18kg down*

Couple Success-beforeCouple Success-after

Kerry Watts

Couple Success*

16 Kg Loss-before16 Kg Loss-after

Justin Engelbrecht

16 Kg Loss*


Jan Williamson


*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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