Annabel Bruckner

Fitter and stronger than ever before!*



Annabel has a bit of a reputation in the Studio of being an athlete - but she wasn't always!

Mum of three, Annabel struggled to find the time for herself to exercise and had almost no "me time". Without her exercise, she felt she was unfit and without tone. Her first goal was, and I quote, "to have Sam Stosur arms"!

Fast forward to after she's regularly been training with Vision and changed her eating habits: She now has the strongest, leanest and fittest body she's ever had. She's lost 8 kilos, lost 10% body fat and has been able to build lean muscle to create the tone she was looking for!

For Annabel, the weight training has been the big difference in giving her body much more tone. She no longer wears T-Shirts to training - only singlets to show off her Sam Stosur arms! Now, she can do everything she never thought realistic for herself. She does body weight chin ups, body weight dips and enjoys running in the popular 10km fun runs!

(Yes, all by choice! :P)

Go Annabel, you superstar!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary based on their goals that we will help to define.

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