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Nick, Jason & Ella Conroy

Family co-owners Nick, brother Jason and his wife Ella own and operate Vision Personal Training Willoughby. Each are highly qualified personal trainers with more than 15 + years experience in the industry. Experts in weight loss, fitness training and nutrition, the Conroy’s have earned recognition in the community for helping clients achieve long-lasting health and weight loss goals. Their key focus is to create a positive and un-intimidating training environment where all clients can feel welcome, confident and motivated. Through an emphasis on educating people about the right nutrition and training specific to their life circumstances and health priorities, they have been helping the community transform their lives and achieve lasting changes to their energy levels, zest for life and desired body shape. Operating in the community since 2005 with a caring team of more than 15 personal trainers, Vision PT Willoughby always has someone on hand to provide the support needed to help people achieve what they never thought possible. In a typical week the team run more than 750 personal training sessions and twice-yearly more than 100 clients participate in the studio’s 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge, losing an average of 303 kilograms. The studio has a highly motivating culture and while many clients join for weight loss, fitness goals are also a major focus. The Conroy’s have a great love of fitness and sport. Ella’s passion is her daily Yoga practice and participating in Yoga challenges and for Jason and Nick, its premier league soccer with the Chatswood Rangers; competing in ultra marathons, triathlon and ironman competitions in their down time. Vision PT Willoughby are active community citizens, joining forces each year to support local businesses and associations (e.g. St. Thomas School Fair; Chatswood Rugby; Chatswood Rangers Soccer) be it for fund raising efforts or to help educate the community on the importance of health and fitness. They additionally hold their own annual fun run attracting more than 100 participants each year as well as hosting monthly health and fitness seminars for Vision Willoughby members and the local community.

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