Thursday, 11 June 2015, By Jason Conroy

If you are lacking motivation it might be time to find a friend, professional trainer or work colleague to help keep you accountable to your goals.  If you make a commitment to exercise with a friend or trainer you are more likely to stick with it and stay on top of your training. 


Visual cues are also a very effective method of keeping your goals top of mind - I often find inspiring images and quotes and stick them on my mirror, fridge, car, wherever I am likely to see it the most.  Why not try doing this, it's amazing how effective these reminders can be.   


Self-visualisation is also an effective way to help motivate you to stick to your goals.  See yourself at the end - fit, healthy and happy.  These positive self-images will spur you along to get over your lack-of-motivation hump and get active.  Once the endorphins kicks in you'll be sure to find motivation, exercising (especially cardio) releases those feel good hormones that give you a natural high.  


A good strategy is to define your non-negotiables.  For instance, you might not be bothered to complete your eating and exercise diary BUT if you are committed to your goal, make it a NON negotiable that you simply have to do every day before bed!  The same goes for exercise.  If you define this as a non-negotiable and tell yourself it has to happen, then it will.  


When motivation is lacking, let this be your guide to get you through.  Now grab a friend and get out there and exercise!! 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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