Time Management Tips To Take Back Control*

Tuesday, 12 May 2020, By Keelan Ward

A big challenge in the past has been that there isn't enough time to get things done and now it seems like there is so much time that we get distracted and forget about the tasks we need to do!

The reality is that the same of amount time exists in both realities, the same 24 hours. The difference is how we spend each minute of those hours available to us.

Between working as a personal trainer, studying full time at University and balancing relationships with friends and family I have had to figure out ways to maximise my team so that the most important things I need to get done are always getting done and these are my top tips to make that happen.

My big key tip is getting rid of all possible distractions. No social media, no phone, nothing that you think will take you away from what you need to get done. You start with this and you will find that you get things done so much quicker and have time you didn't think you had, which you can then use for your next task or down time for yourself and recharge.

My next point would have to be have a daily check list. Set a time frame for some tasks/jobs so you don't get stuck doing the same thing for too long. Make sure to tick off the things you complete so you can celebrate the mini wins in a day. Bring up your mood without even trying. Keep stacking those wins!

Don't be afraid to do things late at night if you have to. I am hands down more productive in the mornings but lately I have found myself getting more done because I am working for longer hours in the day, till 11pm at night trying to finish assignments.

Last tip would be to focus on yourself. Do not worry about what everyone else is doing because everyone works at a different rate and it you start comparing about how productive people are it can affect your motivation. If there are things you do now that you know are productive FOR YOU but may not be for someone else, then KEEP DOING THAT.

The thing with time management is that its easy to have a plan for it and create a structure, the challenge lies in implementing it. Once you start to do this consistently you will build your self-discipline and routine and before long you will find yourself being more productive than ever before and somehow having "more" time.

Good luck!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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