The Power Of Choice*

Monday, 20 April 2015, By Kiril Chevel

Dreams, goals, achieving, success, winning, being the best, are all related to one thing, choices. We must remember to always do these things for ourselves first, then others second. If you really value who you are, what you're worth and what you deserve, then you will achieve, succeed, win and be the best you can be every time.

One day a client came to me and asked "Paul, I want to do a half marathon, can you do it with me?", of course I said yes, as a trainer, this is what we do, we support others in their goals and dreams. One thing he did not realize, was that it now became 'our' goal, and we had seven weeks to prepare for a 21km run. I made the choice to be there for him, not to finish but to be fit enough to run along side him and motivate him in anyway possible. I set up a running plan and followed it religiously, why, because I made the choice, and I chose to have no choice but to run every week, increase my distance every week and get faster every week because if by chance one week I decided to give myself 'another choice' to maybe take it easy and stray from the original running plan, I would then be letting myself down and in turn my client.

Race day came and my client said his goal was to finish the race whether he ran or walked. Hang on, what! Ran or 'WALKED', not going to happen my friend. It soon came to my attention that when he told me earlier he ran 10km on the weekend he actually ran 2km then walked then ran 2km and so on. I, right then and there made the 'choice' that we had 'no choice' but to run the whole way, together, no matter what. Stopping at no drink station along the way, hitting and pushing through five mental walls and 21km later, we both crossed the finish line. Did he walk once, of course not, why, because he had 'no choice'. That day we both achieved, succeeded and won.

Whether I run 16km home, work out with weights or train in a group training session, my goal is never to compete with others to be the fastest, strongest or finish first in a group training session. My goal is 'Quality'. To be the fastest 'I can be' at that point in time, be the strongest 'I can be' at that point in time and finish every (full) rep and set 'I can do' at that point in time with nothing less than exceptional form. In the end, I have achieved, I have succeeded, I have won and at that point in time, I am the best I can be because I chose to have no choice but to perform to the best of my ability no matter what because I value who I am, I know what I'm worth, and I deserve nothing but the best.

Whatever your dreams or goals are, before you pursue them ask yourself "Do I find value in this future achievement?", "Is it worth my time and effort to succeed?" and "Do I deserve to win?". If you answer "YES" to these three questions then complete the process by making the choice to have no choice but to achieve, succeed and win, no matter what. In doing so you don't give yourself the option or 'choice' to stray, retreat, give up or give in. You have taken full ownership, responsibility and accountability for your future achieving, succeeding and winning actions.

"I choose to have no choice".

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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*Individual results vary based on agreed goals

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